8 Prayer Habits to Begin Today

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” | Ephesians 6:18 (emphasis added)

1. Praying on your commute.

Whether you’re going on a long road trip, or your daily destinations are just a few minutes away, praying in the car is a great option! I’ve found that some of my most powerful prayers have been prayed while I was driving because it’s one of the only times throughout the day I’m by myself.

2. Praying when you have to wait.

Checking out at the grocery store, waiting at the doctor’s office, or even when you’re sitting in the carpool lane at your child’s school – these are all PERFECT opportunities to pray, especially if you keep your prayer requests written down or in your phone. Whip them out and pray through a few of them – you might as well while you’re waiting!

3. Using a prayer journal.

Instead of just jotting down a big list of prayer requests, figure out a way to organize your prayer journal so that it makes sense to you. If you need help, there are tons of ideas all over the internet! And don’t forget to include praises, questions, or deep thoughts that you have – those are also great things to pray through!

4. Praying through Scripture.

I didn’t really understand what praying through Scripture was until about a year ago. Here’s the simplest way to explain it: if you come across a powerful passage or prayer in the Bible, bookmark it somehow! Then, when you’re ready to pray, open up to that passage and read/pray through it. Of course, many of the Psalms are easy to pray through because of their literary structure, but don’t limit yourself – there are 65 other books in the Bible too!

5. Partner up.

Having trouble praying on your own? Find someone who can help keep you accountable! I have a friend who I pray with on a weekly basis. Although my prayer life was seriously struggling before we started praying together, with each other’s encouragement we were both able to start a regular and consistent personal prayer life individually!

6. Prayer closet.

Have you seen the movie War Room? It talks about the beauty of having a prayer closet, and some of the different ways one can be set up and used. Ideas include posting up on your wall encouraging Bible verses, sticky notes with names and prayer requests you’re praying through, writing letters to God about specific prayer requests, and many other things! Each of our prayer closets might look different, but that’s okay! Set it up in the way it will best encourage you to have a powerful prayer space!

7. Prayer walks.

This is sort of like praying on your commute, but usually prayer walks are intentional times to spend in prayer. Pick your favorite hiking spot or nearby park and start praying! Being somewhere quiet and serene will serve as a great place to spend some genuine time in prayer. I used to pray on my walks across campus during college all the time. If you find that you walk a lot throughout the day, use that time to speak with God!

8. Pick Your Ten.

This is a simple, yet beautiful prayer habit I learned from a friend in college. She uses her fingers to think of 10 people she wants to pray for daily. No matter how busy her day gets, she always makes time to pray for her ten. Who are the ten in your life, and how can you start praying for each of them today?

I hope you find these suggestions helpful, but even if none of these sound appealing to you, just know that there are many other prayer habits you can pick up at any time! The point is, God loves to hear your voice, and He loves to have conversations with you. Figure out how you can have consistent and meaningful prayer times with Him in your life and

make it happen!

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