The Idol of Comfort


RECAP: Idolatry is rampant in our hearts today whether we realize it or not. At the end of the day, idolatry is at the root of all our sin. The Bible defines idolatry as putting something that is created in a higher place of worth than the only One who is not created: God. When analyzing our sin, we come to the conclusion that there are four root idols:


Do any of us find joy when we are hungry? How about when we are forced to take a cold shower or when it is 100 degrees outside and the AC is broken? We might be able to persevere through it, but do we do so joyfully? Probably not. This could because we struggle with the Idol of Comfort.

DEFINITION: I am not content unless I have free access to a particular pleasure in my life.

Is your motivation to study, work hard, get a good job or get married all so you can secure a easy life in the future? Do you have a tendency to avoid conflict or difficulties in life? When you are stressed out or depressed do you turn to food, another person, Netflix, sex, or alcohol instead of relying on God?

For me personally, in times of stress, the order is first food, then another person, and if I remember I pray for God’s guidance. Clearly, I struggle with an Idol of Comfort.

We live in a #blessed society.

We can contact others instantaneously through text, binge eat Chick-Fil-A in a drive-thru, and distract ourselves from our struggles by escaping into a fantasy world through Netflix.

The devil has made running to the
things of this world 
for comfort so easy
that we forget that running to God is
e v e n   e a s i e r .

The devil also spreads the lie that we deserve to be comfortable and that we can only be happy if we have security and free access to the pleasures of this world. This is why businesses like Netflix and Amazon thrive, because they have the ability to instantaneously meet our desires. This is also why the pornography and human trafficking industries continue to flourish, because humans have an insatiable desire to feel good about ourselves and put our wants above others.

The Bible refutes these lies. God never promises us an easy or comfortable life, so why does so much of our time and effort go towards achieving that?

As I repent of my Idol of Comfort I pray that when faced with difficult obstacles I don’t just avoid them, but instead rely on the Savior who has overcome every difficulty in life. I pray that when I am struggling, I don’t find comfort in food or affirmation from other people, but instead, in the certain promises of God the Father.

True repentance from an Idol of Comfort is knowing that you will still be happy even if you have almost no money, work your fingers to the bone every day, and have no friends, because you know that Jesus is better than the most comfortable life this world can promise us. True repentance is when you look at the money and see it not as a tool to satisfy your needs, but instead, as a tool to further the Kingdom of God. Repentance from a Comfort Idol is valuing your girlfriend/boyfriend’s holiness and purity over your physical desires.

You know the Spirit is at work in your heart
when you believe that the highest and ultimate
pleasure in life is knowing Jesus Christ.

Until you truly believe this, you will continue to run after the comforts of this world and fall into sin day after day. Let Psalm 16:11 be your mantra when you know you are tempted to run to sex, alcohol, food, relationships, or TV instead of the God of Comfort.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joyat your right hand are pleasures forevermore,” | Psalms 16:11

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