Life, Life of Love Poured Out

Musicians: Kristy & Sarah Schiete
Hymnist: Frank Allaben | Lyrics

I can’t say that I was familiar with this song growing up. As I read the lyrics, the initial emotion that erupted in my heart was sadness. Yes, there is certainly a haunting beauty to the words, but line upon line speak of the suffering Christ endured on the cross. None of it was beautiful or glorious. Those who had “worshiped” Christ and exclaimed “Hosanna in the highest!” just one week prior cried out “Crucify him!” to Pilate, even after Christ had received multiple lashes on his bare skin. He was seen as a petty criminal by His people instead of as the promised Messiah.

The one who breathed into Adam’s lungs breathed His last on the cross as His own people watched and celebrated His demise.

It’s truly sickening when you really think about how the loving Lord Jesus humbled Himself by taking on the form of flesh, lived a life of poverty, and died such a cruel and lonely death in order to be OUR perfect sacrifice to atone for OUR sins. If we watched a movie where the hero was killed by the same people that he rescued we would be throwing popcorn at the screen in outrage. However, Jesus really did come as the Redeemer, and He literally was killed by His own image bearers. From first glance, there is no justice, victory, or glory. It boggles the mind!

Why would Christ go through such
pain, grief, and torment?

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. | John 3:16

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, sin entered the world, and we became the enemies of God. We deserved God’s wrath. Instead, God sent His Son to take OUR place and took on God’s wrath. He laid down His life to ransom ours.

When He died on the cross, Christ defeated sin.

Praise God that the story does not end there! On the third day, Christ rose again from the grave! By doing so, He defeated death, so the grave no longer has power over those of us who are in Christ.

He has given us the gift of eternal life!

He deserves all of our worship! There will be a day when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord! We look forward to that glorious day, but let us never forget the gravity of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us.

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