Jesus, The Healer

  1. Guest Author: Eliza Roop | Follow

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus healed many people. He was known as a great healer, and people went to great lengths to bring the sick to Him so He could lay hands on them.

I love reading the story in Matthew 9, because it gives us a glimpse into the heart of the Healer.

Jesus had been busy all day taking care of different needs, showing love to different people, and teaching His followers. He was probably tired. He was probably feeling aches and pains from a long day. But when He looked around and saw the masses of sick and dying people,

He was moved with compassion.

He saw that they were like sheep without a shepherd, weary and scattered. So Jesus bent down and touched the man with the deadly disease, the woman who was unclean because of her continual flow of blood, the demon possessed little boy,

and all were healed.

Why did Jesus care about the physical ailments of these people? Wasn’t His main goal to restore the relationship between God and man? The answer is that healing physical sickness was tangible. It was God’s way of physically showing His unfathomable love for us, by making His children whole again. It was His way of saying:

“This is how things should be.”

People were not created to be sick or blind or deaf or deformed, and people were not made to be hateful, dishonest, prideful, or jealous. All these things are a result of sin. And God, as He showed us by healing those people, desires to make things right again. He longs to look at the world and be able to say “It is good” like He did in the beginning.

Someday, He will win the final victory.

Death will die, true life will triumph, and God, the Almighty King, Righteous Judge, and Tender Bridegroom, will sweep His perfect bride away to be with Him forever.

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