The Bible | Part 14.4

By now, you probably know the drill. If you are new, this series, as you may have deciphered, is an outline of the entire Bible, book by good ol’ book. If you want to truly know your King, you can follow this link to read all of the current portions to date!

Previously in 2 Chronicles… At the start of the book, we saw Solomon established as King, and we saw him ask for wisdom from the Lord over any sort of material gain. The King then began fulfilling the prophecy of building the Temple, and once it was done, the glory of the Lord came down and filled the Holiest of Holies. So Solomon blessed the people, and he achieved much in his lifetime. Unfortunately the throne was taken from his son, Rehoboam, and given to Jeroboam. The line of David was left to rule over only the tribe of Judah.

BEFORE READING MORE – It would be ideal if you read the chapters to be discussed prior to looking through the outline! This week we are covering 2 Chronicles 21 – 25.

2 CHRONICLES – After the death of David, 2 Chronicles begins with the powerful reign of his son, Solomon. 2 Chronicles essentially follows the history of 1 Kings and 2 Kings with a focus on the nation of Judah, which split from Israel after Solomon’s reign. This focus was no doubt because of King David, who’s throne was to be established forever in Christ, the Lion of Judah. For all his wisdom, Solomon clearly experienced all the vanity of the world and was eventually swayed by other gods during his lifetime. Because of his unfaithfulness, Israel was stripped from the house of David and given to Jeroboam, but the Lord allowed David’s line to rule separately over the tribe of Judah because of His promise to David and because of David’s faithfulness. Unfortunately, as we know, the tribe of Judah, much like the rest of Israel, had many ups and downs and slowly declined to the point of falling into captivity under the Babylonian empire, rounding out the book.

  1.  2 Chronicles 21 (2 Kings 8) | Jehoshaphat dies – Jehoram Reigns – Jehoram kills all his siblings – Jehoram was a horribly evil king like Ahab, king of Israel – Elijah prophesies against him – Jehoram dies: After the death of Jehoshaphat his son, Jehoram, reigned in his place. Unfortunately Jehoram was not a righteous king like his father. We read that shortly after taking the throne, Jehoram murdered all of his siblings possibly in an attempt to secure his position. He foolishly began rebuilding the high places that his father had torn down, and it is written that he was evil just as Ahab because he was married to Ahab’s daughter. Because of his sin, Elijah prophesied destruction upon him, specifically in the form of a plague on the people and a sever sickness on Jehoram that would cause his bowels to come out. As prophesied, Jehoram’s family was taken and killed by the Philistines and Arabians leaving only his son, Jehoahaz behind. After that, Jehoram was struck with disease in his bowels as prophesied, and he suffered in agony for 2 years until his bowels did in fact come out. The worst part of it all is that after his death:

    His people made no fire in his honor, like the fires made for his fathers…And he departed with no one’s regret. | 2 Chronicles 21:19-20

  2. 2 Chronicles 22 (2 Kings 8-9) | Ahaziah(Jehoahaz) reigns – He did evil before the Lord – Ahaziah works with Joram, king of Israel – Jehu fulfills the prophecy against Joram killing Ahaziah as well – Ahaziah’s mom attempts to seize control – Joash, Ahaziah’s son is hidden: Jehoram’s son, Ahaziah, took control since he was the only son left, and he continued the evil of his father. We see him work closely with Joram, king of Israel, and unfortunately he is murdered as prophesied by Jehu, the captain of the Israeli army. After Ahaziah’s death, his mother went on a killing spree attempting to take the throne, but Ahaziah’s sister protected his young son, Joash, keeping him safe for 6 years.
  3. 2 Chronicles 23 (2 Kings 11) | Jehoiada gathered the commanders to protect the young king, Joash – The men proclaimed Joash king and surrounded him with protection – Athaliah was caught and executed – Jehoaiada tore down idols and false altars – Israel rejoiced: Jehoiada, as led by the Lord, gathered the commanders of Judah together to anoint their king, the son of Ahaziah. Jehoiada knew exactly what the Lord promised concerning the sons of David, and he worked to fulfill that promise. The men were charged with protecting the young king at all costs, and they gathered together anointing him with a loud proclamation. Athaliah rose up to see the shouts of “Long live the king.” When she came to the people, they captured her and executed her. After her death, Jehoiada made a covenant that the people would be the Lord’s people, and he removed the idols in Judah and taught the priests and people to follow the Law of the Lord. The city experienced peace and rejoiced after all of this.
  4. 2 Chronicles 24 (2 Kings 12) | Joash reigned at only 7 years old – He served righteously during Jehoiada’s life – Jehoiada dies – Joash betrays Jehoiada and leads Judah astray –  Joash is murdered: After all Jehoiada did, Joash was able to take the throne at only 7 years of age. Unfortunately right off the bat, we read:

    And Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord all the days of Jehoiada the priest. | 2 Chronicles 24:2

    So the young king depended heavily on the spiritual maturity of the Jehoiada the  priest. Joash and Jehoiada decided to gather funds to restore the house of the Lord because it had been plundered by the sons of Athaliah. They set a chest outside the gate and proclaimed to the nation to bring the tax that Moses had laid out for the people of Israel. And so the dynamic duo worked together to repair the tempel, but we see that Jehoiada grew old and died at 130 years of age. He was honored in his death and was buried with the kings in the city of David. Unfortunately, after his death, Joash went off the rails. He sought the council of lesser men and they abandoned the house of the Lord. The Lord sent prophets to bring him back, but he did not pay attention. The Lord sent Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada, and Joash murdered him forgetting all that Jehoiada had done for him! Because of his treachery, Joash was murdered by his own men after being wounded in battle, and he was not buried with the other kings. His son, Amaziah, reigned after his death.

  5. 2 Chronicles 25 (2 Kings 14) |Amaziah reigned in Judah – Amaziah avenged his father – Amaziah gathers his army – Amaziah idolizes other gods – Amaziah rises against israel – Amaziah is put to death: After the death of Joash, Amaziah killed the servants that conspired against his father. He then gathered the armies of Judah together and hired men of Israel, but he was warned by a prophet not to use the men of Israel because God was not with them. Amaziah listened to the prophet and he experienced great victories with only the army of Judah. Interestingly, he was worried about the 100 talents – roughly $1.7 million – that he spent, but the servant of God responded to him:

    “The Lord is able to give you much more than this.” | 2 Chronicles 25:10

    So Amaziah struck down many enemies of the Lord. However, he was brought the gods of those people and worshiped them. He was challenged by a prophet:

    Therefore the Lord was angry with Amaziah and sent to him a prophet, who said to him, “Why have you sought the gods of a people who did not deliver their own people from your hand?” | 1 Chronicles 25:15

    Amaziah quickly rejected his words and dismissed him. After that he continued his foolishness by deciding to attack Israel, and we read that the Lord allowed him to fall into his own sin. He went to battle against Israel, and Judah was defeated. Amaziah’s godly reign quickly turned south and ended in foolishness. At the end of the chapter, we see that the people conspired against him and put him to death.

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