What Inherits the Earth

Guest Author: Maureen Chung

Not to be confused with cowardice,


is knowing more than the mother speaking to you
but choosing to obey her
is having the inherent right as Creator of everything to ride any noble steed
but riding a lowly donkey
is worthy of having His head perfumed with the most expensive ointment
and washing the dirty feet of proud men
is emptying Himself of rightful glory
and taking on the form of a servant
is deserving of the title of King of Kings, Lord of Lords
but wearing an undeserved crown of thorns
is in reasonable circumstances to administer judgement
but is silent while being blindfolded, beaten, and spat on

and waiting.
still waiting.

Even now.

Why would you still be waiting?

is the ability to call down legions of angels to rescue Himself from the hands of wicked men

but choosing not to


an example.

It was seeing that lost person

as more important
as worth dying for
as worth trying for

to win their heart to His.

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