The Miracle of Christmas

The greatest miracle of Christmas is this:

Christ came.
The Word—He became flesh.
God—He became man.

Christ forsook the glories of heaven, clothed Himself in humanity, and accomplished the world’s greatest rescue mission—all to save us.

To save you.
To save me.

Because of Him, we are saved. Because of Him, we are freed from everything from which we could not otherwise be freed (Acts 13:38-39). Because of Him, we are delivered from the hopeless domain of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of God (Colossians 1:13-14).

What’s even more miraculous is this: not only did Christ come, but He came as Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth. The little baby who slept in a manger. The merciful teacher who felt compassion for the crowds. The humble Galilean who rode a young donkey into Jerusalem. The selfless Messiah who cried “Father, forgive them” as He hung dying on the cross.

Think about it: we had no say in what Christ was like. What if He had come as a cruel dictator or a brutal tyrant? There’s nothing we could have done about it. He’s God, after all.

How outrageously blessed and fortunate are we that when God became man, He came as Jesus! Meek, humble, caring, kind Jesus. In fact, I can’t think of a single unlikable character quality of our Lord. Can you?

This Christmas, hold your family members close. Share wonderful meals and joyous memories. Enjoy all those wonderful traditions that make this season special.

But always remember the most wonderful, most miraculous, most beautiful thing of all:

Christ  c a m e .

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