The Truest Love

When I was a little girl, I never questioned my worth. I never thought I was was ugly, dumb, or a “loser”. I was a carefree little girl who spent her time dreaming about horses, princesses, and pretty things. I had a childlike faith in the Lord, and life was simple.

It wasn’t until I was 11 or 12 that I began to question my own worth. For the first time in my life, I remember looking in the mirror and actually hating myself. I didn’t look like the models and movie stars I admired so much, and to me, that meant I was ugly. 

I am always so amazed to see how the Lord uses our own brokenness to create beauty.

I am not a poet by any means, but He gave me this poem one night when I was feeling so ugly. The words are simple, but through it He reminded me of how His love for us is so different from the world’s idea of love. 

I am now married to the most amazing man who loves me with or without makeup, and who tells me I am beautiful. My hope is that the Lord can use this poem to encourage you women out there, and to remind you that you are beautiful, loved, and cherished, because you belong to the Lord.

Ever since my childhood
I’ve dreamed of my wedding day.
I would find my one true love
And he’d steal my heart away.

I’d look just like a princess,
Like the one in my storybook.
And I’d be happy, oh so happy,
Beaming each step I took.

Down the aisle, toward my Love,
All I’d see was his face.
He would take my hand in his,
And then my heart would race.

I’d promise him my whole heart,
My love, my strength, my life,
Because I’d wish for nothing more
Than just to be his wife.

Oh these are the dreams of childhood,
Written on every girl’s heart.
We want to be beautiful, loved, and cherished,
We want to play our part.

But as I grew I began to lose
The hope of the dream come true.
No longer did I feel beautiful,
And the pain inside me grew.

I believed the lies that were told to me:
“Beauty is in shiny hair
And tall, slim bodies, flawless skin,
And in the clothes you wear.”

But then one day I heard a Voice
Call my name, soft and clear.
It was the voice of my loving God
Whispering in my ear.

He said, “My beloved lovely daughter,
You are beautiful to Me.
My love for you does not depend
On anything man can see.”

And then I knew that it was true.
I am lovely in His eyes.
I’m beautiful, loved and cherished,
His most precious, valued prize.

Oh the joy of being loved,
Not for what you do,
Or how you look, or what you say,
But just for being you.

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