Are You Missing Out On An Adventure?

The other morning my husband and I were walking out to our cars to drive to work. The air was fresh and the sky was a little overcast. My husband looked over at me and said, “Today feels like a good day for an adventure.” And it did.

Being the responsible adults that we are, we got in our cars and went to work, even though we both wanted to do something else.

However, all day I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out on an adventure.

Do you ever find yourself, in the middle of a mundane day, feeling like you are missing out on something big? Do the weeks run together, full of work, school, grocery shopping, and never-ending to do lists?

I have definitely been feeling that way a lot lately. At first I figured this was not a very Christian thing to be feeling. I mean, we are supposed to work hard, be responsible, and keep the house clean, right?

But then I heard a song by The Afters that made me reconsider. It says:

Our hearts have been set in motion
For something more, for something more
Than we could ever imagine
There’s so much more, there’s so much more

After hearing those words, I realized something:

God has created us for big things. 

Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture because everyday life can suck those desires from us and drain us of our energy. Instead of actually going after our dreams, we content ourselves by watching movies or reading books, living vicariously through the lives of others.

But we as humans were not created to “go through the motions” day to day. God wants us to live a vibrant, fulfilling, exciting life, trusting Him and following where He leads. He has big things in store for us in this life, and much more in eternity!

While I would never tell you to quit your job and ditch all of your responsibilities to live the “life of your dreams,” I would encourage you to consider what you feel the Lord is calling you to do. Obedience is a good first step. Once we surrender our days and our lives to the Lord, we become part of His grand adventure. We get to be a part of something spectacular!

And something that I like to remind myself of is that while we may never be able to do everything we want to in this life, that is ok.

Because this life pales in comparison to the life that God has in store for those who trust in Him.

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.1 Corinthians 2:9

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