Then Sings Our Souls…

We are thrilled to announce the Hymn Series 2018!

For some of us, hymns were probably our least favorite part of church. Archaic wording and boring melodies – that’s all they were to us back then.

Ah, but they are so much more.

Hymns are the very souls of believers poured out in the form of song. Poetry put to music. Our growth, desires, weaknesses, aspirations, sorrows, realities – all raw and exposed, beautifully juxtaposed with sweetest of melodies.

Hymns are the soundtrack of our Christian lives.

While that might sound boring to some, it’s really something quite beautiful. Every hymn we sing today finds its origin delicately interwoven somewhere along the history of time, amongst the hardships, joys, and perils of life. Suffice to say,

Hymns are the heartbeat of humanity.

So to that end, the Come Awake Team would like to announce our next project:

The  H  y  m  n  s  Series

We are SUPER PUMPED about launching this series THIS WEEK! We’ve partnered up with some amazing musicians to bring you 4 hymns over the course of TWO WEEKS. Our writers have prepared a few words of encouragement to go along with each one and we’re excited to share them with you!

Our purpose in all of this?

1. To REVIVE our hearts with reminders of God’s love and character

2. To MINISTER to others through the gifts of music and writing

3. To ENCOURAGE people to use their talents and skills for the Lord

Starting Monday, we will be publishing three hymns per week (MWF). We need YOUR help with the following:

1. PRAY that souls would be stirred, encouraged, and challenged through this series

2. SHARE our intro video + hymn videos on social media

3. Leave some ENCOURAGEMENT for our writers + musicians and remember to encourage those who lead music in your churches

4. Share YOUR favorite hymns with us in the comments below

5. Pick a hymn, learn about it, reflect on it, sing it in the shower, belt it out on a stage, doodle its lyrics on your notebooks, and SHARE God’s love with others!

Our prayer in all of this is that the Lord alone would be glorified – no writer, no musician, no hymnist, but the Giver of these gifts alone. Along the way, we hope a newfound appreciation for hymns emerges in each of your hearts and that you would be left refreshed in Him!

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