Science and Scripture | Is Your Existence an Accident?

Have you ever thought about how unlikely your existence is?

Think about your parents. How did they first meet each other? At college? In church? On a blind date?

Did your parents date other people? Did they ever break up or think about ending the relationship?

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if my parents had never gotten married or married someone else. Would I still be here, just as a different person? Or—since my DNA is a combination of my parents’ DNA—would I simply not exist?

It’s a remarkable thing to ponder.

Of course, you could ask the same questions about your grandparents, your great-grandparents, and so on. What if any one of those thousands of couples’ paths never crossed? What if any one of them hadn’t had kids?

Our existence today is astonishingly unlikely. There are so many details that could’ve gone a little bit differently. So many what-ifs, so many things that happened to occur.

So we can truthfully say that we are here because of random events, developments, relationships. There’s no way someone in the distant past could have predicted your existence today.

But we still believe God wanted us to exist, right?

Yes, even though the twists and turns of our family trees were random, we still believe that our existence is part of God’s will.

In short, here’s what I propose:

Just because something seems random doesn’t mean God had no hand in it.

Read that again. It’s a very important thought. Just because an event looks random and unplanned, that doesn’t mean God wasn’t involved. (I’ve written about this before.)

So, when we think about our own existence, we do say God created us. But we recognize that he used seemingly unplanned and unpredictable processes to do so.

Honestly, when I look at my life that way, I feel a sense of awe. It’s amazing how many factors and events led to our existence right now. And to think that God had a hand in it all! It really is a wonder. It’s sublime. It makes me thankful to be alive. In no way does the realization that unpredictable phenomena led to our existence rob life of meaning or purpose or value.

As people of faith, we can and should fully accept the reality of the chance events that led to our existence, at the same time believing (as the characters of the Bible did) that God was and is working through it all.

The simple but humbling truth is that God uses seemingly random, unplanned processes to bring people and things into existence.

You are living evidence of that.

Key takeaway: just because something seems random, unplanned, and unpredictable, that doesn’t mean God wasn’t involved in the process

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