The Lord Remembers

Author: Binita Godly 

Another year has rushed past us once again.

Like any other person, my year had its own joys and sorrows. At the time, it seemed like things just happened, but looking back, I see how everything was controlled by a mighty God who knows what was going to happen and is going to happen. To think that God has planned each of our lives down to the second makes Him far more wondrous and indescribable.

Have you ever considered that our every move is known by the Lord, and that this God remembers each of us every day?

At the start of the new year, I was reminded of how amazing it is that the Lord remembers each and every one of us. The Bible begins by revealing the Creator and how he created the world through speech, giving Him the authority over all creation. Moreover, we read how this same God knew every single thing before the foundation of this world. We also learn how powerful our God is, that we are absolutely nothing in front of Him. However, we see this big, powerful, and all-knowing God in a greater light when He remembers people like us.

Genesis 1:27 says:

“God created man in His own image…”

We were made to reflect the Father in our lives. However, we chose the way of the flesh and disobeyed a loving God. The Bible continues to call out sin and point to the consequences of it in our lives. Yet, through this, we see God remembers his people, despite their constant rejection of Him.

  • Noah was a faithful man who loved and obeyed the Lord. Therefore, through the flood, God remembered Noah and spared him and his offspring (Genesis 8:1).
  • Rachel, a barren woman, was shamed by people for her barrenness, yet the Lord remembered Rachel and blessed her with her own children (Genesis 30:22).
  • We later see Jacob, who was promised that God would never leave him (Genesis 31:3). The Lord remembered Jacob and was by his side—even when he had to run away from home for good.

The list goes on when God shows that He always remembers His people and His creation despite our sin.

We have a big God who not only remembered Noah, Rachel, and Jacob but also remembered people like us who were bound in the traps of sin.

Our base nature is given to enjoying a life of sin, with its pleasures and desires. As such, we could never hope to get close to God. Man chose to nail Him to a cross, which He so willingly accepted for our sake and for our salvation. In spite of this, the Lord remembered each one of us by giving Himself up on a cross, being forsaken by His own Father and creation, all because of His unconditional love for His creation.

The thought that such a sovereign God would remember sinners like us is humbling, and it reminds us of a big God who became so small for us, so that we would no longer be separated from the Father.

In this new year, let us, as His creation, remember our big God who not only remembered us when we were deep in sin, but continues to remember each of us daily.

Let us draw closer into a loving relationship with Him and not forget His goodness in our lives, daily.

Through our seasons of joy and suffering, there is a sovereign God who is constantly watching over us and waiting for us to go back to Him through it all. May our seasons of joy help us thank God for his blessings, and may our seasons of sorrow turn us back to God, helping us realize that we need this God and to know that He is definitely in control.

binita-godlyBinita Godly lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is working on her undergraduate studies in marketing. At her college, she helps lead a campus ministry that aims to spread the gospel to university students through weekly Bible discussions. She is also part of the children’s ministry at her church, and on a lazy day, she enjoys lettering and chai.

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