Waiting for Your Happily Ever After

Guest Author: Binita Godly 

Growing up, I always enjoyed hearing and reading fairy tales—even though they all pretty much followed the same story line:

      • a great beginning where everything is fine and dandy,
      • followed by a distressing problem,
      • then a hero who saves the day and a “happily ever after.”

I used to especially love the endings, because they always ended on a good note—even if they seemed pretty unrealistic at times. Everyone wants a “happily ever after,” but let’s be honest—with all that is happening in and around us, such a life can seem like a far-fetched dream. When I struggle to go through the anxieties of a single day, I even ask myself:

when will this ever end?

I have been reading through the book of Exodus and, honestly, this is the first time I am studying this book inductively. I have always struggled to study books from the Old Testament, but I was taken aback by how clearly this book has been making me reflect on my own life and remind me of the truth that salvation was God’s purpose throughout the Bible.

Exodus tells of how the Egyptians enslaved God’s chosen people in their land and cruelly drove them to the point of deep despair. At this point, the story takes a turn; we see in chapter 3 how God calls a man named Moses and gives him the task of leading His people out from bondage. Moses is so afraid of the task that he tries his best to get out of it. But we see God clearly has a plan, reminding Moses that He is with him. God had heard the groaning of His people and was about to bring about a great deliverance through Moses. In chapter 7, He puts that plan into action by sending plague after plague upon Egypt so that Pharaoh would realize Moses came in the name of a very powerful God. He finally gives in and sets the people free (chapter 12). The people are released and make their way to the Promised Land, just as God had promised.

What does this story sound like?
A fairy tale, perhaps?

It definitely did to me. But it goes far beyond a mere story. It was really a glimpse of what God was ultimately going to do through his Son for a fallen world. This passage speaks to each of our lives as it reflects our story too. We were born as sinners into the world, choosing the ways of the flesh over our Creator. Just like the Israelites, we were enslaved to sin and incapable of making our way out. But God remembered us and knew that we needed a savior to save us from our bondage to sin. As He once sent Moses for Israel, God sent His Son for us. But unlike Moses, this Son was perfect, bold, and sinless. He loved us so much that He paid the price for our sins on the cross and delivered us by sacrificing His own life instead.

A God who rescued us from our
bondage by giving up his Son…
just think about that for a minute.

I found it interesting that whenever God sent people on a mission, it was always for the purpose of deliverance. Deliverance for His people.

Now, this may seem like the perfect ending where the people were saved, but as we read through the rest of the book, we see that the “happy ending” never lasted very long for the people of Israel. They went through many hardships on their journey to the Promised Land and afterwards too—usually because they fell into the same old cycle of forsaking their God, falling into the hands of their enemies, and needing to be rescued again. We are reminded of how faithful our God is, despite our constant unfaithfulness—

not because we deserve it…
but because of who He is.

The Word of God gives us the greatest promises we need when we struggle with different areas in our lives. Like this one in James:

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. | James 1:12

Let us learn to fall back on His Word, resting in the promise that He will help us withstand our trials and see us through till the end when we will truly—finally!—have our happily ever after.


Binita Godly lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is working on her undergraduate studies in marketing. At her college, she helps lead a campus ministry that aims to spread the gospel to university students through weekly Bible discussions. She is also part of the children’s ministry at her church, and on a lazy day, she enjoys lettering and chai.

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