The Journey | Part 1

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. | Romans 8:38-39

What do you believe about yourself?

I am not talking about personality traits or anything like that. I am referring to what you believe about yourself when it comes to your worth. What we believe about ourselves and God is extremely important in the journey of our lives. This belief will affect how we view and live life during the highs and lows. You might say, “I am a daughter of the King!” or, “I am loved!” or “I am just a humble servant.” Those general sayings are true.

But I wonder if we will feel that way in the middle
of the different seasons and the events of life.

Will we be able to truly proclaim those statements?

Or will we not feel like a child of God when suffering persists?

Will we always feel loved when God doesn’t give us what we want?

Are we always feeling like a humble servant when we continue to succeed in everything we do or when others praise and admire our ministry or career?

The highs and lows have the ability to
expose what we truly believe about ourselves.

Think of the thoughts you have when you are in a season filled with disappointment and hurt. Think of the thoughts you have when are you in a season of great success and happiness. Think of the thoughts you have when you feel like you have been in a long season of waiting.

Our minds can begin to let these events, feelings, and seasons in life begin to tell us what our value is. We begin to look to those things to form our identity.

I can personally
testify to this.

There was a season in my life where I felt like everything was going poorly. A number of events kept happening that involved losing loved ones, health issues, a dissatisfying career, drama, hopes and dreams being taken away, etc. And I began to believe a lot of things about my value and worth that did not align with scripture. Things that did not align with the counsel I gave others. I began to believe I was cursed and God was punishing me. That I had no purpose. So I lost hope. Hope in my value and hope in God. It slowly led to many doubts about God. And that made me want to give up.

But it was through this despair that God began to show me how I was basing my identity on these life events. I was not really trusting the identity He sealed on the cross for me for all eternity. I began to look at my life with an eternal perspective.

These things are not our end.

They do not define us.

Our pain, our success, our failures, our singleness, our marriage, our careers, our diseases, our miscarriages, our lack or our plenty—they do not define us. They are just a part of the journey that God is using to prepare for us a weight of glory to enjoy in paradise with Jesus. He has already given us an identity that will never be taken away from us for all of eternity.

“Every moment of sadness, disappointment, hurt or fear is a cry for another better world. Every moment of joy, happiness and peace is a taste of another world. Deep in the heart of every human being is a longing for paradise. Paradise will be paradise because God will be in the middle of it forever unchallenged. That’s what we are longing for. And everyday in some way as I face the brokenness inside of me and the brokenness outside of me, whether I know it or not, is a cry out for eternity. The awes of today are drawing us to that moment when we will live in unbroken awe of God forever and ever.” | Paul Tripp

One thought on “The Journey | Part 1

  1. “Our pain, our success, our failures, our singleness, our marriage, our careers, our diseases, our miscarriages, our lack or our plenty—they do not define us.”

    Such a great and well-written reminder, Anish—thank you for sharing your story and encouraging us with this. 💯🔥

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