A Few of My Favorite Things

Since I turned 25 in February, I spent some time contemplating what it means to me. I’ve asked myself, “Do I fall in with the normal dread that accompanies this age?” So many fear aging.

But I’m honestly quite grateful to be here.

To keep a very long story that I’ll save for another time short, there was a time in my life where I didn’t think I’d make it to 25. So to be here is wonderful.

Coming into this year, I have so many things that God has placed on my horizon that make me wish pages would fly off the calendar.

He’s having me wait.

So rather than resenting the waiting, I’ve chosen to dwell on the beauty of my past and my present. What follows are 25 things that I am grateful for…25 beauties that my Lord has lovingly put in my life to get me through to this moment.

1. The parents who stubbornly refused to let me fall by the wayside.

2. The blooming jasmine in my garden.

3. The friends who have stuck by me when no one else would.

4. The rare mug of perfectly brewed tea.

5. The painful past that led me to this year.

6. The stutter that I can finally call a blessing.

7. The authors like Charlotte Bronte, Victor Hugo, CS Lewis, Donald Miller, William Blake, JRR Tolkien, and Ted Dekker who wrote pages replete with characters that have the sort of faith to which I aspire.

8. The faithful dog called Spartacus.

9. The early, partly cloudy evenings sitting next to virtually any body of water.

10. The band of brothers who lovingly surrounded my upbringing.

11. The wildflowers of a Texas springtime.

12. The steel gray of a cold winter sky.

13. The brokenness.

14. The cop named Tidwell who helped pull me out of that ravine (again…story for another time).

15. The tranquil Saturday mornings spent studying the Word in my parent’s living room.

16. The depression that brought me so low, I had nowhere to look but straight up.

17. The craft of heating and assembling ingredients known as cooking.

18. The heirlooms of my family that are so well made I can refinish and continue using them.

19. The clan-like atmosphere of the Schott family.

20. The sound of a rainstorm against the tin patio cover outside my room in my parents house.

21. The body of believers scattered far and wide who make up my second family.

22. The opportunity and ability to work.

23. The ability to love so deeply that loss hurts.

24. The hands and heart of my welder fiancée, that are strong enough to somehow simultaneously hold me together, and push me toward God.

25. The hard earned truth that God wants to hear everything that is within me, joy, sorrow, confusion, impatience, love, even anger at Him…

the knowing that He will always desire every part of me, even the ugly bits.

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