Welcome, Book Friends

Dear Come Awake family,

It is my pleasure to announce that
we are revamping our Book Club!

After some restructuring (some that I’m sure you’ve noticed, and some behind the scenes), we are finally ready to reintroduce our Book Club into your Facebook news feeds, Instagram scrolling adventures, and dusty email boxes.

The idea is ultimately the same:

We want you to read more!
We want us to read more!

But we’re adding some goals too.

We love you, our audience. You are the entire reason we write. To that end, we want to review books that you like, books that have impacted you, or even books that you may have considered reading, but just need that little extra push. We want to “give the people what they want,” as they say.

Our other aim is a little more selfish on our end…

We want to interact with you.

Blogging can be something of a one-way conversation, and this is a chance for all of us (you and us on the team) to engage in some wonderful fellowship!

So, we invite you to comment (either directly on this article, via our Facebook or Instagram pages, or by email). Talk to us. Let us know what you would like to read with us, or for us to read for you.

This book club has a key component: you.
It won’t be possible unless you interact with us.

We made it like that on purpose.

‘Cause we like you.

Behold! How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!

Psalm 133:1

With all love and sincerity,
The Come Awake Team

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