My God Moment

Have you ever experienced a God moment? A moment when God, the creator of all things, chooses to reveal himself to his creation in such a way that your life is changed forever? A moment that causes all doubts and fears to flee, because you know his hands have arranged it?

It can be a peace that washes over us in a difficult time, an answer when we’ve searched long and hard, a prayer that saves a life. Many times we don’t recognize God moments right away. Sometimes, thinking back on a situation, we realize that what we experienced days, weeks, months, or sometimes years before was a God moment.

My God moment: When I was going through my fertility treatment round one was the worst; I was so obsessed with making sure that the meds were taken on time and I got caught up in all the feel good excitement that I put God in the back burner. When the doctor told me that this round of treatment did not work, that my follicles weren’t maturing enough; I was angry and upset.  I was questioning everything. The peace that I had months ago about infertility just disappeared. I believed that there wasn’t going to be a miracle. So when round two started I was more relaxed. I trusted my God. I prayed that I would be obedient to His will. I prayed that my heart would put my God first over the desire of wanting a baby. I surrendered ALL OF IT. Then guess what happens. Second round of treatment I receive good news from the doctor. My follicles are maturing and not just one but four. The possibilities of triplets were even in question. I’m in the doctor’s office and I’m crying in complete joy. My God did it. I was not pregnant but the fact that MY GOD did something that I thought was completely impossible made my heart rejoice in all things Him. I know He cares and I know He hears my prayers. This was my God moment. He held me and that was all I needed and ever will need.

I will remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. | Psalm 27:13-14

When these moments happen, it is important that we share them with one another. Because when we share these moments with one another, the experience not only touches our lives, but the many lives who may never experience this before.  Our experience can offer others hope and reassurance.

We call them God moments because they are of God. God is in them. Even if we don’t recognize them as such right away, when we do see God in our life then time seems to stop, or at least stand still—for a profound moment.

God promises us that He is with us all the time, God is constantly acting in our lives.  The neat thing about a God moment is that we notice where God is acting and we can identify it as such.

It’s easy to let life pass us by without acknowledging the blessings that God gives to us, but if we take the time and actively look for God in the world, we are more likely to witness Gods love and grace in our lives.

I can’t help but think about the common phrase, “Stop and smell the roses.” How wondrous is it that God has planted beautiful, special roses for each of you throughout your days to ensure that he is by your side! My prayer is that we would feel God in the small things and search for him in places where we haven’t seen him yet. I pray that it overwhelms us how God resides in every facet of our lives, even in the cracks and holes and messy parts of us.

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