Here at Come Awake, we are committed to three avenues of engaging in spiritual growth.


We help readers study Scripture and grow in an understanding of its content and themes in order to have a deeper understanding of God.


We share the lessons we have learned in our experience with others who desire to know Him more and grow in their faith.


We discuss challenging questions and doubts that are an inescapable part of the human experience.

We are excited to see where God takes this ministry. He has been so good to us, and we trust He will continue to be with us each step of the way. And we are so thankful for you, dear reader—for visiting this site, for supporting us with your prayers and kind feedback, for contending for the faith along with us. It is an honor to serve Christ alongside you all.

Awake, O sleeper.
And Christ will shine on you.

2 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Thanks for your site. How would our church have your group come out and sing? I am a pastor in a Sugar Land, Texas church and wonder if you ever come out and speak to HS or college-age young women. Our community is very diverse, but our congregation needs help reaching out to others. If your mission is only the blog, I thank you for it and will be pointing young women in our church to you! God bless you all richly and thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hi Jerry! Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for your encouraging words. All glory & honor to our Heavenly Father! We are thankful He chooses to use us. We apologize for the delayed response – we wanted to take some time to pray about this before we replied. And just to let you know, we sent you an email regarding your questions.

      May the Lord bless you & your ministry for the glory of His name!

      Come Awake Team

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