Adjusting Our Attitudes

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 2:5

I always have to remind myself that my perspective right now will make the difference between whether I had a good or a bad day when I look back over my day tonight.

Even for strong Christians who are solid in their faith, discouragement can easily sneak its way into hearts and minds as life gives us tons of different situations to deal with. As we struggle with the trials and complications of everyday life, or things that happened to us that were unfair or undeserved, it is easy to get pulled into a negative mindset. Just like the Israelites did after witnessing miracle after miracle from God, we may find ourselves asking God, “What have you done for me recently?”

Our answer to that question will depend entirely upon our perspective. God does more for us each and every day than we deserve, but it’s so easy to lose sight of the good, because we are caught up in the reality of the bad. How do we combat this normal human attitude? Through prayer, resolving to have a Christ-like attitude and by sitting down and taking the time to count our blessings.

What can we thank God for today? If you were honest with yourself, would you say you have been trying to remind yourself of all the good things in your life? Are you considering how God could be using those things to draw you closer to Him? Or have you been mostly focused on the negatives?

I have a meme saved on my phone that says “It’s all about perspective. The sinking of the Titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the ship’s kitchen”.

During times of negativity, we actually become our own enemy. We fight an emotional battle in our mind because we look at our situation from our own perspective, instead of what God may be doing through our situation. So in order to change our minds, we have to choose to change the way we think – our perspective. Attitude is a choice.

Proverbs 23:7 tells us that “As he thinks within himself, so he is.” Just as our words contain power, so do our thoughts, and when we allow God to shape our thoughts, they lead to lives that line up with His will. There’s no more positive way to live than that.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and it is never too late to become an optimist! I have heard it takes 14 days of doing something for it to become a new habit. The more we practice challenging the way we think, the more automatic it will become for us. Changes may not take place immediately, but over time, the challenge gets easier, and optimism becomes the normal way we think instead of the exception.

Are you willing to take the challenge to become an optimist today? The rewards of looking for God’s goodness in every situation will be an overwhelmingly joyful and thankful heart…regardless of your situation. Remember that happiness is a fleeting emotion, but the Lord is able to provide us with the constant joy that comes from having the peace that passes all understanding for the difficult moments in our lives.

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