My Day In Court

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

When’s the last time that you laughed so hard that you cried? The Bible tells us that a happy heart is like good medicine. With the high cost of prescription drugs these days, we should all make use of this good medicine that’s free! Today I want to encourage you to look for the humor in life. Find the funny in every situation – even when it looks bad on the outside. I’ll share a true story from my own life to illustrate…

Friend: Did you have to go to court before taking defensive driving?

Me: Yes, I unfortunately did. It was a horrible experience because I am an idiot. Here’s what happened that day…


7:30 am – Get to office, open planner and am reminded that self is supposed to be in court 30 minutes away in exactly 30 minutes.

7:35 – Stuck in traffic. Call the court 3 times begging to please not put a warrant out for self’s arrest because ticket says appear by 8 am on date stipulated on ticket or else .

8:04 – Get to court. 290 people in front of me in line.

8:45 – Get to window of court lady who asks for my ticket, license and proof of insurance.

8:46 – Realize I don’t have my proof of insurance card because it is in the car at home.

9:15 – Arrive at home. Pretend to have forgotten sunglasses in the car and drove all the way home from work to “get them”, because HELLO! I’m an adult, but if my dad finds out I got a speeding ticket, he’ll be mad at me.

9:20 – Awesome! Grab an insurance card out of envelope in dashboard helpfully marked “insurance card”.

9:50 – Back at court, self’s luck is FINALLY turning – only 1 person in line! 🙂

9:52 – Hand insurance card proudly to court lady. Court lady informs self that it is expired.

9:53 – Sit in car and cry.

9:54 – Convince self having a man would solve all of life’s problems. Self’s perfect husband would have remembered to put current insurance card in car in the first place.

9:55 – Call a friend and explain above story (still crying).

10:00 – Call insurance company upon calm advice of said friend.

10:15 – Get to closest Allstate insurance office and get printed out CURRENT insurance information.

10:30 – Get to court ….(third time, in case you’re not keeping track). Wait in line behind 23 people.

10:50 – Hand court lady ticket and insurance card, arghhhhh (!!!!!!!!!!) Can’t find license – rummage through purse, then proceed to dump it out – various objects (some embarrassing) fall on court lady’s desk.

10:54 – Find and hand court lady license.

10:55 – Pay for ticket

10:58 – Walk out with instructions for defensive driving.

11:30 – Back at work.
5:30 pm – Pretend to be cleaning the car out.

5:31 – Replace expired insurance card grabbed in the morning back in envelope marked “insurance card”.

5:35 – Take envelope marked “insurance card” to my dad (as if first time seeing it) and ask why expired insurance card is still in car.

The conversation –
Self: Dad! Why is the insurance card in the car expired?

Dad: What? No, it is not….

Self: YES! Yes, it is!! I was cleaning the car just now and I checked and the card is expired!

Dad:…. (looks in envelope) I told you to throw this one away a few months ago! Why don’t you ever listen to me?

Self: Argh! Okay. Whatever. Can you give me the new one so I can put it in my car?

Dad: Okay. *reaches in the SAME envelope marked “insurance card” and pulls out another card – a current one and hands it to me*

Dad: Why are you so angry?
I have to say, when I was living out this experience, I was extremely frustrated. I couldn’t see the humor in it until a few days later when I sent this timeline to my friends.

If you suspect that you may be suffering from a lack of laughter in your life today, let me encourage you to look for the humor that’s usually lurking in the background of scenarios that seem really UNfunny! It might be just what the Great Physician has prescribed to improve your health and bring joy back into your life. No joke.

One thought on “My Day In Court

  1. This is just the best… Sure sounds funny on paper… But at the time I wouldn’t see the humor in it as well!!! Funny !!!

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