For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD. Isaiah 55: 8

There was no conversation as we entered the corridor of the stone palace. In fact, the carriage ride from the village was uncomfortably silent. If I were alone, I would have easily attempted to escape. Of course, as long as Narcissa was being held hostage, my enemies knew that I would never try anything dangerous. Despite my wrists being tied behind my back, Chrys held my right arm while Daisy held the left. I continued to walk straight ahead, but I couldn’t help taking cursory glances at the women. Although years had passed by since I last saw them, buried memories and feelings rose to the surface.

My former family seemed like a faint dream. Thara guarded my flank, but Paris stood in front of me leading the exhausted Narcissa forward. Only Harper went ahead of us. For that, I was quite relieved. So many thoughts raced through my mind. Why did they want me? What will they do to Narcissa? How did my siblings get tangled up with Harper a bounty hunter?

The astonishing thing was that no one came to our rescue. I wasn’t expecting the neighbors or people from the village to defeat Harper and my sisters, but I held out for the possibility of Father coming to my rescue. Without His help, I don’t know how I’m going to get myself and Narcissa out of this mess… Before I could continue my train of thought, the troop suddenly stopped. Seeing the steel bars imbedded in stone made me realize that Narcissa and I were probably going to be in the dungeon.

Without ceremony, I was placed into the first cell. Daisy showed no emotion as she attached my restraints to a chain on the far wall. Before I could even utter two words, the door was slammed shut and locked. Then I belatedly realized Narcissa was not in my cell. I immediately got to my feet and ran to the bars until my attached chain caught, “Hey! What are you doing to Narcissa?” I yelled after my former siblings, but none of them paid me any attention. As soon as they all left my sight of vision, I rapidly deflated in defeat. There was no way to ensure that Narcissa was going to be safe.

Groaning at the thought, I looked at the three walls surrounding me. There was only one window, but it appeared to be situated at the top corner of the cell. Even if I wanted to try to escape, the small opening was too high. I couldn’t find anything I could use to hoist myself. If only I was taller… Finally admitting defeat, I slid down to the floor. Closing my eyes, I tried to focus on the more distant noises, but none of it was beneficial.

Then I saw a mental picture of Harper. I wanted to remove any such things from my mind. Then I heard the voice of the Comforter. “Melody, I want you to tell them about me, especially the bounty hunter. Tell Harper who is the true king. She is ready for the good news.”

Immediately, I stood up and began to pace. “Comforter, you must be mistaken!” I couldn’t see Him, but I could feel His presence…How could Harper possibly be able to accept the good news. Much more than that, I did not want her invited into the Kingdom. Comforter was simply wrong, and there was no way I was going to reach out to my enemy with the good news. As soon as the idea came out, I felt unease in my heart. Ignoring the unfamiliar feeling, I continued to pace and plan. I could do this somehow.

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