Conversations with Brother Moon

Brother Moon, oh how you intrigue me! I usually see you at night, but sometimes I can see you even during the day. There are nights that you appear to me as a silver crescent against the black canopy of the heavens.

Last night I looked up, and there you were my friend. All aglow, big, and bright! Oh, how I wish you would stay that way forever…Tell me Brother Moon, why I can’t see your shine some nights? Why are you washed in darkness, so none of us can see you? Why do you hide?

Ah, I think I know the answer. After all, you and I are related for a reason.

Even though God spoke you into existence, and He breathed life into me, do we not share the same Creator?

Do we not try to smile to the world while keeping our other hidden side within the shadows?

Much worse than that, just as there are nights that you become enveloped by the abyss, I can get overwhelmed by the darkness of my heart as sin runs rampant in my life. It’s so easy to stay in the dark.

For such an insignificant celestial body, the Creator gave you the power to change the tides. For such an insignificant human, He has chosen me to be a warrior of souls for His kingdom.

We have it so good Brother Moon! Then why do we gravitate to the earth? I want my eyes and my heart on Christ, but I fall astray so easily.

Light. This body is not able to create it, and neither can you Brother Moon. However, we are able to reflect that beautiful light! Just as your source of light is from the sun, my source comes from the Son of God. I hope this house of a body has open windows and doors so the light that comes from Christ reaches empty hearts around me.

Please shine brightly Brother Moon.

You shine brightly as well brothers and sisters in Christ.

One thought on “Conversations with Brother Moon

  1. I feel the love in your words! What’s your relationship with the Sun? How do you see the relationship between the Sun and the Moon? I’ve adopted the practice of fasting while there’s a full moon and I feel the spiritual effect. My last post explains a little more about it. cheers 🙂

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