Just Because

Christmas. Ah. What a wonderful time of year. This was the first year I experienced the holiday season as a teacher. The day before the break was crazy to say the least. If any of the teachers wanted their students to get anything done that day, they needed to think twice. Thankfully, I gave my students a test the day before the day before the break so we were free to let our mind’s relax.

One of the first sight’s of my day was my first period students eating candy canes and chips for breakfast. Uh, what?! Right when I saw that I tried to mentally brace myself for the day ahead. It was 8 o’clock in the morning and my students, who didn’t need any sugar to make them any wilder, were eating candy canes. You can only imagine how it is to have 125 eleven and twelve-year olds hyped up on sugar for  8 hours.

Believe it or not, seeing my students like this wasn’t the most shocking scene of my day. As the minutes passed, I received gift after gift. By the end of the day, you should have seen my desk, piled high with you name it – chocolates, gift cards, more chocolates, candles, ornaments, more chocolates, and it goes on. I couldn’t believe my eyes. To say that I felt loved would be an understatement. Who would’ve thought the very children I discipline and push to understand math would give little old me a ton of gifts to show their appreciation? From the most expensive gift to the sweet little gifts, it reminded me of what this season is all about.

My Heavenly Father gave me the most precious gift many years ago – the life of His son. He gave me this gift just because. He had no reason at all. There’s the difference. My students gave me gifts because I’m their teacher. They gave me gifts because I work with them each day. But He gave me a gift just because He loves me. Oh, it warms my heart to know that He loves me so much. So much to give me His sweet Son. Words can’t express how much the gift of His life means to me. His life gave me life. The day God decided to send us His Son was the day He decided to give me life. What a perfect gift. Every good and perfect gift really is from above. No gift we give or receive can ever compare with His gift to us.

Through both the big and little happenings of life, I know He loves me just because.

Today and everyday let’s remember the gift He’s given us.

For God so loved  the world that He gave His only begotten son…

John 3:16

2 thoughts on “Just Because

    1. Jeena, thanks so much for reading! Although Christmas is long gone, hoping that your days are full of Jesus! 🙂

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