In Your Arms

Deut 33.27a

Poetic, isn’t it? This is one of my favorite verses. Not only for the sheer beauty of its composition, but for the profound truths found here.

“The eternal God” – always present, from the beginning of time to the end of time, Alpha & Omega, all-knowing, invincible, unsearchable depths, indescribable power, never alone, never forgotten

“your” – mine, for me, personal, intimate, dedicated, committed, faithful

“dwelling place” – home, shelter, secret place, hiding place, warmth, protection, providence, comfort

“and underneath” – in case you fall, in case you jump, to catch you, to hold you, your failsafe

everlasting arms” – embrace, never-ending, holding me, secure, safe, warm, strong arms, unconditional love

He is my home. He is my rest. He is mine. He gives Himself to me. He opens His heart to me. He embraces me with arms that are not too big to hold me…

We think like that sometimes, don’t we? We think “God is too big. I’m too small for Him to notice. My problems are too insignificant to bring before Him. He’s too big, too holy, too “God” to call Him ‘mine.'”

Indeed, He is big. Indeed, He is holy. Indeed, He is God. He is great and mighty and beyond comprehension. But He is not too big to care for us. He is not too holy to hold us. He is not a far-away God, but a near and personal and intimate God.

He is my home. In Him I find rest for this weary soul. I lean into His embrace. I lay my head on His chest. And as I listen to His heart beat, the beat of my own heart slows and synchronizes with His. And suddenly, these words become true:

All I see is Your beauty chasing me
And the love that sets me free
Oh, I’m found in You

Oh, that they might become truer still!

Beloved, rest in Him. Lean on Him. Make Him your home, your secret place. Burrow into Him. So much so, that you can’t find yourself anymore. Lose yourself in Him. Let His everlasting arms embrace you. Because nothing can compare to the warmth of His arms holding you. Nothing can compare to the security found in Him. No where will you feel more safe, more loved, more cherished than in the arms of your Savior. So rest in His arms. He longs to hold you.

Your love is deep, Your love is wide
And I will rest in Your arms tonight
Your love is deep, Your love is wide
I will rest, I will rest tonight

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