Be Still in the Moments

Life is a series of moments. Each moment is precipitated by another moment. None of them are ever the same and never repeated. Every laugh, every glance, every word, and every tear has its place. Maybe it took years of moments to rebuild what a single moment may have broken. Maybe a single moment changed the trajectory of your life forever. If you have been touched by grace, maybe you have more than a handful of moments you keep close to your heart that sparkle brighter than diamonds and will last just as long in your memories.

Because there are so many moments that trickle down from the clouds, most of those possible moments fall right past your hands. How do you ensure that you catch the right ones? What if you miss your golden opportunity? How do you fix broken relationships if you made some wrong decisions?

Remember what I said at the beginning? Life is a SERIES of moments. Think of each moment as a number. By adding a series of moments you get the “score” that you have been aiming for, but there are multiple numbers you can choose from to add together to get that “score”. Yeah, you are going to mess up, but that doesn’t mean that you give up.

Maybe you are thinking, “Well, Sheba, all that math is fine and dandy, but what if I am in the desert and there are no available moments at my disposal to achieve my goal?” First off, whether you realize it or not, you are always surrounded by moments. Even if they don’t lead to the desired end point, they do lead somewhere. God works that way ALL the time. He has the Master plan. He is the only one who knows where the series of moments lead to in the end. Maybe He’s using this season of waiting to change your heart in preparation for the next season of your life. Maybe you keep hitting a closed door for a specific reason. Only God knows for now.

Whether you seemingly have no prospects or you have too many options you can’t think straight, there is still one solution:

“Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10

It doesn’t matter what kind of situation you are in, bottom line is that you choose to trust God. Just stop trying to take control of your life…honey you never had the reigns in the first place! In a few months, I will have to make some serious decisions: what specialty to pick, where to apply for jobs, when to take my boards, where to live, etc. As “big” as those decisions may seem, they are really no more important than when I was younger trying to decide who I should ask to play on the swings during recess.

I want you to take this moment to just rest in Him. Remind yourself of who sits on the Throne. If you have to list out His many attributes, His names, or even what He has already accomplished, then do it. Be still. Know who is the only One worthy of your trust and holds all your moments together. He has it under control.

4 thoughts on “Be Still in the Moments

  1. Thank-you for this blog….. It helps keep perspective… It helps one remember who really is in control and because of that provides peace and stillness in this chaotic world. Will be keeping u in my prayers!

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m so glad that this post can serve as a reminder of what’s always true. Aww, I truly appreciate the prayers! (I definitely need them!)

  2. Sheba! Loved this post. Thank you for sharing your heart & thoughts with us! “Be still. Know who is the only One worthy of your trust and holds all your moments together.” Your words here reminded me of Colossians 1:17 – “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

    This verse has always encouraged me by reminding me that He literally holds me, all my many pieces, together – my broken pieces, my less-than-pretty pieces, my unknown pieces. Apart from Him, I’m just pieces. With Him, I am whole. And in the process of holding us together, He continues His work in us until it is complete (Philippians 1:6). I may not have it all quite “together” yet, but I know His everlasting arms (Deut. 33:27) are big enough to keep all my pieces from falling apart, getting lost, or overwhelming me. As you start trying to make all these decisions, rest in knowing that He will put every piece right where it belongs. And He’ll hold it all together. For your good & for His glory! Will be praying!

    1. Thanks Becky! I really appreciate all the encouraging Scripture and the prayers! Love that God holds everything in His hands. 🙂

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