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I came to Pathanamthitta two years back seeking Ayurvedic treatment. On the advice of the doctor, I decided to stay here for continued treatment. In the mean time, I accepted the opportunity to teach at the Brethren Bible Institute twice a week. 

Since November 10, 2014, when college was on holidays as the boys went out for outreach purposes, I had a course of massage treatments for 27 days and now I am taking medicines and doing exercises. There are some positive signs of recovery and I trust the Lord for full recovery soon. The physician says that it might take a few months before full recovery is possible. Please do join me in prayer for the same. Thank you. 

I have been an online missionary for the last seven years. I have been able to send out the Word to more than 35,000 seekers now. A few of them have joined assemblies in India and abroad as well. Recently, I had a very exciting contact with a PhD candidate in Commerce. She had problems with an evil spirit for the last ten years whereby she could not sleep in the night. All sorts of doctors failed in diagnosing her case even though lacs of rupees were spent for treatment (her father is a gold merchant). She contacted me for prayer and amazingly she accepted the Lord on the fourth day. The evil spirit left her even before she accepted the Lord and it was unbelievable to the family.

The rest of her story is unbelievable: She started reading the New Testament from the next day. In the next 56 days she completed the New Testament twice, copying all verses that touched her heart and memorizing several of them! What is even more marvelous to know is that her parents, her brother’s family and four of her friends left idol worship. She has family prayer three times a day (some days, five times) when families from three generations join in, as she lives in a joined family!

Last week she was invited by her sister-in-law’s parents to their house, as they too wanted to accept Christ! This is truly amazing what the Lord is doing right in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, which is the heart of BJP.  Do pray that through her testimony, many more of her friends and their friends too would accept the Lord and that there would be a mighty working of the Spirit of God in that state which has less than .01% Christians. Our Lord said a little leaven leavens the whole lump. May this family act as a leavening agent for the Lord in that hard area. Her name is Neha Agarwal. Do indeed pray for her and her family. Pray that the Lord would use them to reach many, many more in that area.

Thank you once again for your interest and prayers. Praying for you. One of the commands in the Scriptures is to snatch a few from fire (Jude 23). If each would obey that command, there would be a lot more who would share eternal life and we would not need to be ashamed when we would meet the Lord in the air. May He give us grace. To His name be all glory.

MPaul7More exciting news: I went looking for a small piece of land for myself after I returned from my visit to the U.S. I am currently staying in the house of a dear brother without paying rent. I have to move out whenever they need to use it. With the small amount I had at my disposal, I found it difficult to find a suitable land in good localities.

Even so, the Lord rebuked me for not thinking of a brother who was sent out of home seventeen years back for his decision to follow Christ. So I began looking for the impossible – to buy two pieces of property for both of us. We went around searching all over and nothing was available with the money at hand.

But  then the Lord did a miracle. A brother in the Lord who knew what I was trying to do donated to both of us property worth ten times that value in a prime location in the town! Hallelujah!! Praise His Holy Name!! How true are the words of our Lord (Luke 6:38)!

Now, I am praying about constructing a living accommodation for $10,000-15,000. Please pray that the Lord would lead me to the right contractors, at the right time, for His glory.

Thank you for your interest and prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,
Mathew Paul

MP Family

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