Update: Megan Taylor

Engaged to Randy!


We are thanking God that more students have been able to see who they are in Christ and strive to become closer to Him. Your ceaseless prayers have led to us having open and honest conversations on a daily and weekly basis. Praise God that students continue to flow into my office and share their lives with me; God is good! A personal praise report is that  I recently became engaged and will be getting married this July!


Praise God that He continues to provide financially in order to get me by! However, I am still looking for people to financially partner with me in my ministry at Black Forest Academy. Please take time to pray, and ask God if you are meant to financially partner with me in this ministry in Germany. Feel free to check out my profile page on my missions website for more information on how to pray and give financially.

My small group girls and co-leader at the HS Retreat


A couple of weeks ago our entire High School at Black Forest Academy  went on a retreat, where about 80-90% of the High School  students decided to either confess to sin they wanted to change in their lives or to accept Christ for the first time. Praise God! Pray for the lives of these students as they seek out guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit.  The retreat was a success and ran quite smoothly; the presence of Jesus was most definitely felt!


Please pray for the mission trips at Black Forest Academy that are currently underway and will continue to take place until the end of spring break. Nine different groups went to nine different countries! Some of the countries include – Tanzania, Jordan, Greece and Egypt.

Thank you for partnering with us in supporting and encouraging our friend, Megan Taylor!

May His name be glorified!

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