Update: Danny & Marti Pasquale


The last six weeks have been busy ones for us. We announced the future arrival of a long sought after baby (due Jan. 3 – rejoice with us!) as well as undertook many events in ministry.

Our baby announcement picture!

We are still seeking after a good balance in life and ministry but that is no often easy to come by as there is always so much to do and that can be done in the ministry. We have however, seen the Lord renewing our strengths at just the right times. Also, the Lord has been providing for our financial needs. We have received an unexpected gift that will allow us to build a railing for our stairs (much-needed with the coming baby). Praise God for his provisions and His gentle ways of teaching us to be dependant on Him in all things.

The last week of June, Rome hosted the International Brethren Conference on Mission (IBCM6). We had nearly 700 participants from over 100 nations. Danny did daily simultaneous translation while I worked registration several days. Though we were not without trials the week was very encouraging to see believers come together from all over the world to worship together and learn together, as well as to see the progress of the Gospel around the world.

Around the same time as this conference, I, Marti was able to take a course on the introduction to Biblical counseling. We had two long weekends of class but I came away with much more knowledge on how to be a better listener and how to point people towards the grace of Jesus in their hard times. Many of the things I learned are invaluable for our work on the street with the girls but I’m also seeing them useful in our marriage.

Park outreach with the local kids!

The week of July 18-25th we hosted a daily kids outreach at our local park with Bible stories, puppets, songs, crafts and snacks. The turnout was small as this is traditional vacation time for Italians and the heat was almost unbearable. However, we had on average 12 children each day come and participate. The parents also received a packet with a New Testament, a CD for kids,  and an invite to our children’s events at church. Praise the Lord the kids loved it as well as the parents. During this same week we taught adult English conversation classes each evening. Roughly 16 people participated. The small number allowed us to really get to know the students and we were able to always insert spiritual content into the classes. Pray for follow up with some of the new contacts and continued relationships with those we already know.

Beginner English conversation class!
IBEI’s residential building we’d like to reopen for students -currently it hosts missionaries passing through and conferences.

Danny and the other leaders at the Bible Institute are still evaluating and praying about the decision to re-open the residential school next fall. Please continue to pray with us for clear direction either way. We have in the meanwhile seen many answers to pray for extra help needed at the school, that is allowing us to make progress in our renovation of the Distance Learning program, and to keep refining our Extension Schools.

Thank you for partnering with us in supporting and encouraging our partners in ministry, Danny & Marti Pasquale!

To Him be all the glory!

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