Valentine’s Day With Mr. Right

Disclaimer: What I am about to tell you is more of a continuation of my personal story, but in all honesty it was NEVER my story to begin with. You may now proceed!

Let’s do a quick recap! I was in the middle of PA school, my parents jumped me with the whole idea of getting married soon, and I was earnestly waiting for God’s intervention and leading in the mess called life while not so secretly hoping for a guy to sweep me off my feet. Got it? Good, let’s move on.

November 2014 was an extraordinary month for me. For four weeks, I got to do an elective rotation in medical sarcoma at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. It was truly a dream come true to be learning and getting firsthand experience in an environment that I felt that God was truly calling me to minister. On the flip side, I got to live with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Houston! This was the longest I actually got to stay in Texas while being in PA school. It was such an adventure. I got to reconnect with some amazing people and surround myself with community.

One thing that seemed to keep popping up: marriage. While I was at my family’s church, we actually went on a church retreat and the topic discussion was all about marriage and family! If that wasn’t enough, when I met up with my friends to catch up even they brought up the same topic in separate circles! Remember how God called out to Samuel repeatedly and kept thinking that Eli was calling him, but it was actually God? Yeah, that’s how I was beginning to feel. I had two options. I could completely ignore the obvious signs that God was sending me OR I could do what Samuel did… sit in His presence and listen to what God had to say.

Months prior to all of this, I started an inductive word study on “joy” because I felt that I needed to grow in this area and to fully comprehend it as God intended. Well, I continued this study. During the summer, I went to a retreat and I was very much convicted about my prayer and fasting life. In hindsight, God was changing me in so many ways beyond my comprehension.

After winter break, I returned to Georgia, and the incessant reminders about marriage finally died down. Well, almost. Out of the blue, one my friends that I had caught up with in Houston hunted down my number and asked if we could talk soon. Something smelled fishy, but I went ahead and scheduled a phone date. When she called, we caught up on life, chit-chatted, but she finally brought up the reason behind her call… It was about a guy. She then went on to tell me that she had met up with one of her childhood friends who was kind of in the same season of life waiting for God’s direction in a life partner, and while she was talking to him I kept popping up in her head. She actually prayed about it, and because the Holy Spirit kept bugging her she finally called me up. She told me about this guy who grew up overseas, loves Jesus, flies planes for a living, and is very active in his local assembly in Florida.

Then she asked me the question that made my heart skip a beat, “Can I give him your number?” I’m pretty sure only two seconds passed by, but in those couple of seconds I felt surprise, doubt, but in the end supernatural peace and trust… I really can’t explain it. I didn’t know anything about this guy. I didn’t even know what he looked like! Before I could change my mind, I blurted out, “Sure!” Then I immediately Facebook stalked him as soon as I was given his name. Haha!

My friend then told me that she would speak with this guy and get back with me about followup. Well, she texted me back and told me that the guy would call me the upcoming Saturday on his day off. Would anyone like to guess what date Saturday was? It was Valentine’s Day!!!! Let me tell you. I was so excited but nervous to get that phone call! I actually changed my dinner plans with a friend to accommodate for the potential phone date. It was so weird waiting for this call! I kept telling myself not to have any unnecessary expectations especially since I didn’t know this guy, but there was this voice that kept whispering, “What if he is your future husband?” It was mental torture!

My sweet friend actually texted to check up on me, but I had to tell her that I had not heard from the guy yet. Well, the hours kept passing by, and there was still no call. My friend was actually getting anxious on my behalf and was trying to get a hold of him for me but to no avail. I stayed up until midnight, but I never got the call… I was stood up on Valentine’s.

Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins. | Ecclesiastes 7:20

Do you know what I learned from this experience? I realized that this guy was human, and I really needed to burst this unrealistic “perfect man” bubble that I had of him already. It’s really intimidating to call up a girl knowing it was with the intent of potentially marrying her! Plus, with the added holiday known primarily for romance who wouldn’t be extra hesitant to start something? Was I disappointed? Sure! Who enjoys being stood up? However, I was really grateful that my eyes were opened going into the situation knowing that whoever God has intended for me is just as sinful, broken, and in need of a Savior as I am! God may have a Mr. Right intended for me, but not Mr. Perfect. Jesus already has that role filled!

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