Where Should I Go, God?

Like most of you, I want to live out God’s purpose for my life. I believe with all my heart that God has placed me exactly where I am, surrounded by the people who are in my life for a specific reason.

I often hear people say that they’re not exactly sure of what God is calling them to do, and I recognize that they’re talking about the explicit, overarching life task that God has purposed for them. I can relate to this desire to know and obey, and I’m always happy to join in prayer with them that it would be revealed.

But there is something that I wanted to remind you today regarding this subject:

If God is calling you to do something, you don’t have to do anything in order to find out what that calling is. At the right time, He will make it clear. He doesn’t need your help.

All of us should be walking with the Lord, daily getting to know Him better and telling others about Him. We should be making disciples. Both believers and unbelievers around us should see Christ in their daily interactions with us. If we’re not busy with this, we should stop worrying about the specifics of our calling and become sensitive to discerning the heavenly appointments that we are coming face to face with today.

Be involved in serving the Lord where you are right now, and God will not have any trouble showing you the next step He has planned for you.

You were saved with a purpose. God loves you and desires to have a personal relationship with you. Nothing will ever come into your life that God didn’t allow. Nothing will ever enter your life that, if you are willing to trust Him, He can’t work out for your good.

In the book of Genesis, we see God allow Joseph to suffer difficulty after difficulty, including being sold into bondage, thrown into jail, betrayed and overlooked. But using these unique difficulties, we see God moving Joseph into a unique position in history.

Is it possible that while you are patiently waiting for God to reveal your life’s ministry, He is patiently waiting for you to be faithful to Him where you are today? Is it possible that the difficulties you are facing today are setting you up for your unique position in HIS story?

The wisest decision you can ever make is to surrender your life completely to the One who loves you like no one else can ever love you – to the One who is in control. Whatever God has for you, you can’t miss. He is an eternal God with an eternal plan, and you and I fit into that plan somehow! How amazing is that?

“From the beginning I told you what would happen in the end. A long time ago I told you things that have not yet happened. When I plan something, it happens. What I want to do, I will do.” | Isaiah 46:10

3 thoughts on “Where Should I Go, God?

  1. Thanks, Julie.
    It’s helpful to see those two concepts separated: to realize that the whole is the sum of it’s parts; that a life is the sum of its days.

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