Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds. | Psalm 36:5

Birthdays are so sweet. Anniversaries, too. They remind us of what God has done, how faithful He has been, and they fill us with hope for what’s to come. Year after year, our Come Awake team is  so humbled at how God has worked in us and through us. Today marks the start of our 4th year as “Come Awake.” What a joyful journey it has been through the past three years! As we look back, we can’t help but see how the Lord has challenged us. He’s challenged us to remain faithful to Him. He’s challenged us to walk in a manner worthy of this calling. He’s challenged us to love deeper and give more selflessly. He has taught us lesson after lesson. We praise Him for all of the challenges. We praise Him for all of the lessons. Because of those lessons, we have words. With the words He has given us, we have had the great privilege to challenge and encourage many hearts around the globe.

Just talking sheer numbers – by God’s grace, Come Awake has reached 108 countries world-wide with thousands of visitors and even more views. Our writers have, again by His grace alone, been able to share their hearts through 210 new posts in our third year. We are humbled that the Lord is using this simple blog as just another one of His platforms to reach the unreached and to share the love of Christ with many souls who are searching for their Savior. We pray that they would find Him, accept Him, and never let Him go.

Our God, yes, He is a faithful God. His faithfulness truly reaches to the clouds. 

To kick off our new year, we wanted to have a little fun, and most of all, CHALLENGE our readers to get in the Word! We know that we wouldn’t be celebrating His work through us and in us if we didn’t have the assurance of Him and His precious Word leading us every step of the way!

So, for the next few days, we will post a challenge from Scripture for our readers! To make this even more special, the first reader to respond, by posting a comment, with the correct answer to the challenge will receive a very special, personalized Come Awake gift! It’s what you’ve been waiting for, Come Awakers!

Disclaimer: We are trusting that you won’t be using Google as a resource, but just the Word! 🙂

We are so privileged and thankful to walk with you on this journey, friends. Our hearts are full of thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for considering us in His work and to you, our readers, for your constant support, love and prayers. May this year be a year of accepting His challenges and being found faithful to Him! Year 4, here we come!

To Him be all the glory! 


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