CHALLENGE 1 | A Letter From Paul

If you haven’t read the post from Monday, here is a quick summary. By God’s grace alone, we are entering our 4th year as “Come Awake.” As a celebration, we wanted to refocus our commitment to his infallible Word! Each day of this week we are posting a new challenge, and the first person to comment correctly in response to the challenge will be rewarded with a personalized Come Awake gift! Before we get into the challenge for today, let’s spend a moment in the Word.

In Acts Chapter 7, a man named Saul approved of the execution of Stephen because of his faith in Christ, and in Chapter 8 Saul “ravages the church” with relentless threats and murder. But in Chapter 9 Saul is confronted by the Lord Himself while ironically on the road to continue his destructive plans in Damascus, and in the presence of the Living Savior, Saul believed in Jesus Christ. From that point on, Saul, who is also known as Paul, went on to be a remarkable force for the Lord and the author of the majority of the New Testament.

After his salvation, Paul was called by the Spirit to embark on many missionary journeys. He travelled to many places and established many churches with his brothers in Christ. In his third missionary journey (Acts 18-Acts 19) he traveled to Ephesus, spent 3 years there, and established a church! He was eventually driven out by riotous idol makers. However, in Acts 20 he was able to meet with the Ephesus elders in a place called Miletus to say a tearful goodbye and to encourage them to tend to their flock for their edification and protection from “wolves.”

The book of Ephesians was a letter from Paul to the saints at Ephesus and others in the general area of Asia Minor long after his departure. It is one of many letters that Paul wrote in response to struggles that he heard the saints were facing. He wrote them as an encouragement to the churches that the Lord had established through him in the early years after Christ’s death on the cross.

The letters come with sound doctrine at the start, which is then translated into practical ways to live that doctrine out in life. They provide essential truths that define the life of a believer. These truths are fundamental to any disciple of Christ. That, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to our first challenge.

Using 5 words or less, summarize Ephesians Chapter 1.

Guidelines: It does not have to be a complete sentence. Best answer wins! If there are multiple “best answers,” then the one with the earliest time stamp wins! Have fun, and Google (and every similar entity) es no bueno!

7 thoughts on “CHALLENGE 1 | A Letter From Paul

  1. Blessed, Chosen, Redeemed in Christ.

    We have every spiritual blessing in Christ (Eph 1:3)
    We are chosen in Christ (Eph 1:4)
    We are redeemed in Christ through His blood (Eph 1:7, 14).

    That really stands out to me for a summary of Ephesians chapter 1 🙂

  2. Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for participating in our first challenge! 🙂 We really enjoyed reading y’alls answers & we pray that we would all be CHALLENGED to keep these truths at the forefront of our minds. All that being said, we want to congratulate Robert Richardson for being our first challenge winner! Thankful to remember we are “Blessed, Chosen, Redeemed in Christ!” Look out for an email from us soon, Robert! 🙂

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