The best.

We use that word pretty casually. Blue Bell ice cream is the best. Fuzzy socks are the best. Hot chocolate on a cold winter day is the best.

Just typing that word out four times back-to-back has already stripped it of much of its meaning.

But nothing can top the best. Nothing is better than the best. The best is ultimate, supreme.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what the best looks like. Is it getting what you want? Is it all the pieces of life fitting together just so? Is it defined by the world? Is it regulated or standardized – and if so, by whom?

All my pondering has brought me to this conclusion: the best doesn’t matter. His best does. 

But he would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you. | Psalm 81:16

What’s the difference between God’s best and simply the best?

The best is defined by us. Therefore it is finite. It is measurable. It is conceivable.

God’s best, however, is defined by Him. It is infinite and as such, it is infinitely inconceivable. It is perfection.

It’s hard to understand what that looks like in this world though. This world is far, far from perfect. We are far from perfect. So how could true perfection even exist in this world? Doesn’t sin prevent that? Because how can sin and perfection coexist? They cannot.

But God is so merciful and gracious towards us, y’all! I’m so blown away by how fiercely, yet tenderly He loves us – with a Love so strong that it knocks the air right out of us… with a Love so gentle that it sweetly embraces us, enveloping us in His warmth.

Yes, true perfection is yet far off. True perfection will come only at His return.

Oh, but He gives us a taste, a glimpse!

He lets it brush against us ever so gently, just to remind us that He is sovereign, that His best is the only best, and that true perfection is found in Him.

As I think about the different circumstances of my life, as I remember moments of despair and heartache, I can’t help but be thankful for them. I’m thankful I got to see the best this world could offer me. I’m thankful I got to experience the best I could scrummage up for myself. Because it makes realizing His best in my life all the more sweeter.

About a year ago, I wrote a post called “Waiting for HIS Best.” I keep thinking about those words.

Waiting for His best.

It’s a phrase I often tell myself over and over again – a phrase I encourage others with in the less-than-perfect moments of life. It’s a phrase I apply in every single situation of “waiting.” And over the past year, I’ve gotten to see the fruit of clinging to this Truth in not one, but several arenas of this life.

His best far exceeds the best. In every situation – whether in heart things or career things or family things or friend things. His best is the only best.

Y’all. I don’t want to settle for the best this world can offer. I’ve seen that. I’ve known it. And the word “best” really can’t even be used to describe it.

It is subpar.

I don’t want to settle for the best that I can conceive. I’ve seen that play out… more than once. And it’s never quite the way I imagined. Actually, it’s far from it.

I want His best. I want His best that I can’t possibly conceive.

When you think about it, does getting what we can actually dream up for ourselves or see in this world even make sense? There’s simply nothing extraordinary about that. It’s rather boring and anticlimactic, really. But to receive that which is beyond our comprehension and imagination… now that – THAT is something glorious, isn’t it?

I want to be taken by surprise in this life. I want to live life in awe. Every day.

His best allows me to do that. His best surprises me every time. His best leaves me in awe. His best leads me to worship… because His best is an inconceivable taste of the true perfection to come.

That He would allow us to even get a taste of what He has in store for eternity is incredible. No, perfection doesn’t exist here. It never will. But that taste… it is enough to propel us for the next however many years we have on this earth.

To realize that He allows us to experience such joy in these little nibbles of His best for us makes my heart explode with thanksgiving. What a good and gracious and loving God we serve! How He knows us! How He provides! How He blesses!

Not with simply the best.
But rather, with His best.

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