शक्ति | Power

I found myself in an unexpected conversation a few weeks ago.

I spent the morning at a small, village school. It was my first time there, so I was hoping to meet as many kids as I could and enjoy time with them.

After a great time with the kids, which was expected, I sat down to have tea, because that’s what Indians love to do, drink tea every two hours. I also love tea. But mostly the kind that is freshly brewed, black or green and iced. I sat and talked with an administrator of this school, which was started to provide education for the underprivileged and to raise children to know the love of Jesus Christ several years ago.

As we talked, I quickly started to gauge that she isn’t sure about Jesus. We talked a bit about how we like to travel and what brought me here, where she’s originally from in India, etc. It was small talk, but was necessary to lead to the more important topics. So, we talked through the great act of love Christ displayed on the cross and how it leaves us with an option to choose Him or to not; she nodded along. Though she knew of the love of Jesus, she wasn’t sold on Him being the very reason for life as she knew it. Our conversation continued. We naturally started talking about eternity. It was a great, challenging conversation that I thanked the Lord for. I added her name to my prayers, and I left it with the Lord, not thinking much of it.

Fast forward several days. I’m at this school again, with a few other people, and I hear the same woman I talked to say to the group, referring to the conversation we had some days ago, “It’s been 10 years since anyone has talked to me about anything important. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what we talked about.”

I stood there still and smiling, making it seem like what she just said wasn’t a big deal, but internally I knew in that moment God had revealed more of Himself to me. 10 years? It had been 10 years since she could recall having a meaningful conversation? Okay, Lord…forgive me if I haven’t gotten this through my head yet. It is very clear that You know exactly what You’re doing. It was easy for me to see how small I am and how big my God is. This was a woman who I had no intention of speaking to. I could never have thought up this conversation with this one Indian lady in this little village in the most populated city-state in the second-largest populated country in the whole entire world. And I’m here all because I made a simple decision to spend a few months in India. Lord, You very clearly had this planned. As I stood there in that group, He was proving His power to me.

Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name; for You have worked wonders, plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness. | Isaiah 25:1

If anyone ever wonders how a little girl like me could impact anyone at all, please know that it is not this little girl that does a thing, but the great God who goes before her. I stand hiding behind Him. I stand with no knowledge, not even a hint, of what’s up ahead. Actually, I can’t even stand in His presence. I sit, kneel, lay, anything but stand, at His feet. He uses me despite me because it’s not about me. It’s His work and His plan and these are people He loves. This is all just too incredible! I’m so thankful to be a first-hand witness of my great God. He leads me. He resides in me. He speaks through me. My God does what He has planned to do from the end to the beginning. In His plan, He considers me. Humbling, to say the least. I am a chosen instrument. I am a temple of His. My prayer is to walk SO closely behind Him that whoever comes in contact with me has no other option than to come in contact with HIM, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whatever you’re facing today, don’t be confused; His power is IN you if you are in Christ. No matter how big or small the task at hand seems, He assigned it, so He will give you all that you need to complete it. Remember, it’s His work, and you are His ambassador. The all-powerful God will shield you and will work through you in every and any way as long as you are willing. Be assured; He is in control, and He will build His church. Imagine how many are ready for and desperately need Him today! He will use you in His perfect way, and through it all, you will know Him more. Let’s pray that those that are put in our path today will be undoubtedly touched by the power of Christ.

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