Plans With Mr. Right

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. | Proverbs 16:9

Recap: As Jaison and I continued to get closer, the flaws were becoming more apparent, but we were beginning to learn the meaning of “love covers a multitude of sins.”

Ever want something so much that you just convince yourself that it will happen? This is how the process tends to go. First, you imagine a scenario that is within the realm of possibility. Then you begin to convince yourself that if event A occurs, followed by event B, then event C is a piece of cake! Finally, you have it in your mind that you are a genius and that this will absolutely happen… Then come to find out it will NOT happen, and you are left with complete disappointment and a very bitter aftertaste on your tongue. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Well, I had convinced myself that if I could pass PA school, pass my boards, and get a job, then attending my graduation should be completely stress free! I did indeed meet goals 1, 2, and 3. I figured having the love of my life at graduation should be a piece of cake. The first time I brought up graduation was very early on in our relationship, and I assumed that Jaison had penciled in the date and that he would come. When graduation was closer on the horizon, I brought it up again. Unfortunately, he forgot, and he had already made a commitment at his church to help out as a teacher with VBS.

Initially, I was completely flabbergasted, and I refused to believe that my own betrothed would miss my graduation! What do I do? I asked, no, I demanded that he ask someone else to take over for him. To make matters worse, he also told me that he had scheduled flights to check-off a group of students on that same day. I pleaded with him for weeks to get his schedule rearranged, or switch the check-offs with another flight instructor. It was all to no avail.

I was disappointed, but I really had to just get over it. There was no use in crying over spilled milk. He wasn’t trying to intentionally miss my graduation. He just had other commitments, and I had to respect that. Even if he couldn’t come for one day, I knew that I would get to spend the rest of my life with him eventually.

With that, I flew to Georgia with my family, but I still held onto the tiniest of hope that he would somehow still make it. As our usual tradition, I called him at night, the evening before my hooding ceremony, and he sounded congested over the phone. Then he asked me what medicine he should take for his symptoms… Y’all, this guy detests medications, so the fact that he was willing to take any meant that he felt horrible. The last shred of hope that he would come to graduation was completely dashed away.

The next morning, we were all getting ready at the hotel, and I was in the middle of putting on my eyeliner. While in mid-application, my dad abruptly says, “Hey, look who is here.” I looked to my right, and in the doorway stood Jaison wearing a dress-shirt, tie, and a VERY mischievous grin! Completely taken aback, I ran to him and asked a ton of questions. I was so happy that he was there!

I was on cloud nine during my entire hooding ceremony! I didn’t want anything else. The day couldn’t be better. While we were taking pictures, Jaison asked me if we could go to the park later. I thought it was an odd request, but I just went along with it. Once we reached the park, we talked about our first date at the very same park and all that had transpired after that life-changing day. We were having a great time. Then in a span of seconds that felt like an eternity, Jaison got down on one knee, uttered the words, “Will you marry me?”, and opened a velvet box with this sparkly thing that shined like the sun. To say that I was surprised would be an incredible understatement. I had planned that this one day was only meant to be my graduation day, but someone else had decided to make it much more than that!

God works in our lives in a very similar way. We make these plans or goals, and we decide that it’s the best course of action. However, God looks at the same situation, and He decides that it could be SO much better. Does that mean that every moment of our lives will be more enthralling than the last? Nope. Regardless of what you and I go through – the good and the bad – God will use that series of events for the BEST possible outcome. No matter how thought-out our plans may seem, in comparison to God’s plans, our plans are completely short-sighted. You need to trust that despite your best intentions, God’s plans will always be the best.

2 thoughts on “Plans With Mr. Right

  1. Talk about a great day! Your story has been exciting from start to finish and I’m happy that you shared it with everyone. Can’t wait to make my Mrs. Right as elated as you were! She sure has it coming lol

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m incredibly humbled by your words. With God’s help, I’m sure your Mrs. Right will be more than elated! 😀

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