आशा | Promise

…in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. | 1 Thessalonians 5:18

It was a night that brought many wonderings and questions to my mind as I laid my head down. I was thankful to the Lord for bringing me here, but I could feel the fears creeping up. I was a little unsure of what to do with the fears. These fears, questions, wonderings, were coming from an area I didn’t know existed in my heart. As I closed my eyes to rest, I asked the Lord to keep me close to Him, desiring to choose the better part always. No matter the fears or the thoughts I could think up, I knew I could never change Him.

Another night, I thought I should really think through these fears and write them out with the hope of tackling them with truths found in Scripture. After listing out all that was seeming to plague me, I realized that the promises of God that sustain me, moment by moment, would be way too many to list. And there would be no need to list them all because even just one of His promises is more than enough to cover all of my fears. My fears seemed pretty one-dimensional as I read through them. His promises that poured through my mind left me in awe.

Knowing, truly knowing, His promise builds a heart of worship. To ask of the Lord anything, though I have the liberty, could never be as precious to Him as a heart of pure and honest worship. How can I even ask a thing, anyway? He loves me. His best is inconceivable. He is my stay. He sustains. He gives grace. He delights in me. He is my refuge, shield and rock. He is my helper. He is. HE is His promise. He promised Himself to me. I praise Him because I have Him.

Remember Calvary? The Cross of Calvary is where He kept His promise. The Cross is where He proved that He is a God who always keeps His promise. The promise of the Cross is one to surely be thankful for. I can give thanks in all circumstances because of His promise to me. I have Him. Christ’s act of love on the Cross meant everything for me. Believing in the Cross gives me hope. And without hope, experiencing a little bit of temporary, physical discomfort and pain would be the end of me. Thank the Lord temporary circumstances do bring me to the end. When I’m at the end, that’s when His grace pours out like a rush of water that cannot be controlled, beauty is seen, hope is fulfilled and His promise is kept.

From the unexpected pain of food poisoning to a battle with lice to fevers and migraines and stomach aches that felt constant day after day, His promise to me never changed. From language barriers to cultural differences that left me in plenty of awkward situations, He remained faithful. I would rather welcome the less than desirable circumstances if that means I get the privilege of witnessing the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ transforming hearts (mine, included) day after day. How could my heart not be full of thanks to Him?

Dear friend, God will give you tasks to act out your faith. He will bring you to crossroads, and you will have the choice to believe His promise or not. You will have the choice to believe that He is who He says He is and that He meant what He said. May your heart be full of thanks in every circumstance because you have chosen to believe Him. Nothing compares to His promise of what’s to come.

The adventure in India has come to an end, but the journey continues.

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