The Right to be Royal

How do we obtain our rights? There are basic human rights that all people should possess. I say should because there are some places in the world where those basic human rights have been stripped from people. The other rights we possess are generally given to us through legal means.

As citizens of a nation, we have unique rights that foreigners do not. Parents or legal guardians have certain rights over the care of children and minors. Spouses possess special rights regarding property and taxes. All kinds of rights, given for all kinds of situations and relationships.

What if someone told you that you have the right to be royalty? What if someone told you that despite who your biological parents are, you had the right to be a child of noble distinction?

I would tell them they’re nuts and walk away. There’s nothing in my personality, genetics, or upbringing that says I have royal blood coursing through my veins. I’m just your average southern girl and no matter what anyone says, no matter what all I achieve, I will never be the Duchess or Princess or Queen of any nation.

I am, however, a child of God, a daughter of the King, born of His will and purpose:

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. | John 1: 12-13


Being born to parents who received this right themselves did not grant me access to it. This is not a trait that is passed down biologically. No gene given to me by my parents made me a child of God. They had no control in my eternal fate, my divine receipt of this royal right.


I could not will myself to this state of nobility. My wanting it, willing it to be so would never be enough to achieve this. Nothing I did, nothing I achieved made this a reality for me. No desire was strong enough, no deed was good enough to accomplish this.


No other human willed this into reality for me. No lover, no friend, no parent, no sibling, no individual could have demanded, desired, worked hard enough to send royal blood gushing through my veins. No human possessed the power to make me a child of God.


The only One able to accomplish this: God Himself. He alone has the power to make any one of us His. Not only does He have the power to do this, but also the desire. He willed me to be His and made a way for it to be so.

I was not born of blood, nor of my own will, nor of the will of any other human. I was purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ and reborn into fellowship by the will of the Father.

I was given the right to be His child, though I was not.
I was given the right to claim Him as my Father, God, Friend, Savior, and so much more.

God allows us to be His children out of the immeasurable grace, mercy, and love of His heart. He went so far as to sacrifice His only Son, Jesus Christ, at our cruel and conniving hands, in order to demonstrate this fact, in order to display His power and desire to make us His.

All we must do to receive this right is believe in Him and accept Christ as our Savior, the One who paid for our sins. The work has already been done. All that remains is for us to claim the right that has already been accomplished and provided for us.

Those of us who have believed in Jesus as our Savior have been given this extraordinary right and privilege to know the God of the universe, to have a relationship with Him, to be His child. But like all rights, they must be exercised in order for us to reap their benefits.

So live it out, friends. Live as a child of God. Live in freedom. Live in joy. Live in strength and in peace.

Make the world see to Whom you belong!

2 thoughts on “The Right to be Royal

  1. Becky great job breaking that down! This is excellent. I am not normally a fan of “royalty” arguments, but this one rings true in a way that others do not.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Josiah! I remember having a hard time understanding that verse from John several years ago. Breaking it down really helped me, so I thought I should share it with others. I’m not big on “royalty” arguments either – they can often have a rather cliche sentiment, so I’m glad this post didn’t come off as such! Glory to God alone for His words & leading. Thanks for reading!

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