The Church & Answered Prayers

Howdy, folks!

We spent the first week of February celebrating “The Week of Answered Prayers!” Y’all heard from five of our team members about how God was faithful to HEAR and ANSWER! We hope each of you were encouraged through these testimonies of His faithfulness.

Our hope in all of this was to remind the Church of the nearness, power, and love of our God. We wanted to remind our fellow believers that just as He has been faithful in times past, we can be sure that He will be faithful in the times to come.

We asked y’all to submit your prayer requests and answered prayers so that we could remember them and rejoice together! Church, let’s gather together to praise Him for who He is and for all that He has done! 

Answered Prayers

This isn’t as much a testament of my own answered prayers, but a testament of a group of people’s prayers that I was privileged to see God answer. I’ve been part of a ministry for some time now, and God has been working in unbelievable ways. Students are choosing to follow Christ, eager to share their faith, and people who have never heard of Christ are hearing who He is. Sure, we prayed for this, but not nearly as much as those before us did. Although, they didn’t quite see how God would answer their prayers, it’s be a privilege to be on the receiving end of their prayers, and quite an encouragement to my own heart. He is so faithful, and He does far more than what we think and imagine. We might not see it for ourselves all the time, but the Lord has shown me that that’s okay, because someone else might be. He is faithful. | Anonymous

The newness of 2017 is still upon us. Let’s endeavor to cling to what we know to be true and to trust Him with full hearts as we step forward in His plans for us!

Now that you’ve read one of our reader’s answered prayers, we’d like to hear from YOU!

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