Day 11 | John 15:4

Featured Artist: Grayson Price

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. | John 15:4

What does abiding in Christ look like when I’m in the middle of my week feeling like I can’t get through the challenges of life? Does it consist of me ignoring everything difficult, going home, laying on the floor and praying until the inner frazzle starts to calm? I’ll admit I do this and it DOES help, but abiding in Christ offers us so much more than just the occasional de-frazzling!

For one, we must understand that Jesus offers us the opportunity to abide in His love. This means we can live in absolute assurance that Christ loves us. We do not need to be swayed from this truth – no matter the circumstances.

Secondly, we must love others with the same love with which we have been loved.

We must give away what we have received.

When we step outside of the love of Christ, we are no longer able to truly love and become fruitless in our spiritual lives.

We are called daily, moment by moment, to abide in Christ. This “abiding in Christ” is a place of

total humility,
total trust,
and total surrender.

The word “total” may discourage us with its enormity, but we shouldn’t let it. Instead, we must allow it to motivate us to further press toward the mark. We must allow it to push us to greater depths of humility, greater heights of trust, and greater levels of surrender.

I urge you to allow that word “total” to stir you up to seek from the Lord an

e v e r – d e e p e n i n g

understanding and experience of what it means to abide in Him and to have Him abide in you.

To those who abide in Christ and allow Him to abide in them, the Lord has promised the bringing forth of much fruit. Let’s give up everything else and surrender to the place of abiding in Christ!

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One thought on “Day 11 | John 15:4

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this verse, Julie! I really liked how you broke down what “abiding” in Christ looks like: total humility, trust, AND surrender. Engaging in ALL of these together is necessary for ABIDING in Christ. Without humility, we cannot learn to trust God. Without complete trust in who God is, surrender is impossible. Without surrender, we miss out on the peace & joy that comes with abiding in Christ. Praying that we, in total humility, would trust the Lord & surrender to His sovereignty & will always! Thanks for sharing!

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