Update: Heidi Koppen

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I just want to start off by thanking you all for your prayers and interest in the Lord’s work in different nations. God has sent me so much encouragement in these past two months and I’m sure you played a part in this as you asked God for it on my behalf. I had also mentioned pursuing an Irish drivers license. Well, I can announce that I passed the theory test, got my provisional license and have 12 driving lessons lined up. 

T H A N K   Y O U    F O R    P R A Y I N G

On March 11th there was a young adult conference launched at St. Marks church. They have a college-age ministry called Chapel, and this was their first big event inviting people across Ireland to come worship and be empowered by God’s word. As I was coming to chapel group I realized that I knew people form 7 different connections through separate ministries I’ve been involved with this year. It’s so special when you are able to get to know ministry-minded people by working alongside them. God really is leading me even though sometimes I feel like I’m just floating around trying to grab up any opportunity I see. No, even if it’s slow-going, He’s actually helping me network here. This was really good to recognize and has helped me with my news year goal to “breathe and listen.”


I’m also hugely encouraged by a local family who’s seriously adopted me as a part of the family. They really look after me. Danielle took me to my first excursion outside Ireland (Barcelona) for a weekend, Danny (dad) has driven me so many places and nanny Pat (mom) invited me to her 60th birthday. I’m referred to as sister, adopted daughter, and aunty in their home.

Praise God He’s working!! 


God has definitely been moving since I wrote in January. Some of the young moms and I started a “Moms & Tots” group last autumn, but it was really in January that it exploded with growth. This month we had to start a second day to it because there were too many for one day. I’m not as interested in numbers as you would think – it’s the amazing conversations that we’ve been able to have with these moms in the community that makes me glorify God the most. There are a couple who are asking about Bible studies and about coming to church. 

Youth group has been dwindling down in number but is getting much deeper relationally. I’m loving these teens and pre-teens. They’ve been asking more and more questions as we go through the gospel of John video bit-by-bit. We’ve invited them to come to a three-day Easter camp and hoping that 6 might come. 

Thank you for partnering with us in supporting and encouraging our friend, Heidi Koppen! May His name be glorified!

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