RECAP: #30DaysOfBibleLettering


It’s been 30 days of back-to-back writing & lettering & we hope y’all have enjoyed this month-long journey as much as we have! If you missed any of our posts this month or would like to revisit them, click on the images below to view the original posts & corresponding artwork. Share your art & thoughts with us! We’d love to hear from y’all!

The #30DaysOfBibleLettering challenge helped us bridge the gap that sometimes exists between studying the Word & using our God-given talents for HIS glory over our own! During this challenge, we partnered with some amazing artists who used their artistic talents to illustrate a different verse each day. Our writers shared what the Lord placed on their hearts for each verse, giving us necessary reminders, new perspectives, practical daily applications, & a renewed motivation to live our lives in a way that honors God.

Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a musician, a dancer, a tech genius, a math whiz, or an obsessive compulsive organizer – whatever your unique talents & skills are,

c h o o s e  to use them for the Lord. 

As you d0 this, remember to spend time with the Lord. Listen to music & worship the Lord as you draw or paint. Learn how to play new songs for Him on whatever instrument you play. Talk to Him as you dance or organize. Praise Him for the way numbers work together. Take time to read and study the Bible – that’s God’s way of communicating with us. If we want to use our talents in the greatest ways possible, we must be trained & guided by the One who gifted us those talents in the first place.

So even though the #30DaysOfBibleLettering challenge is over, we CHALLENGE y’all to keep fulfilling that purpose: figure out what your talents are, hone your skills, use them to connect with people, to share about God, & to help different ministries. Remember:

He is our inspiration.

Day1_Instagram Day2_Instagram Day3_Instagram_Alt.jpg
Day4_insta Day5_Instagram.jpg Day6_Instagram.jpg
Day7 Instagram Day8 Square Day9 Square
Day10 Insta Day11_Instagram Day12_Instagram
Day13_Instagram.jpg Day14_Instagram.jpg Day15_Instagram
Day16_Instagram.jpg Day17_Instagram.jpg Day18 Insta
Day19_Instagram Day20_Instagram Day21_Instagram
Day22_Instagram Day23_Instagram Day24_Instagram
Day25_Instagram.jpg Day26_Instagram Day27_Alt
Day28_Instagram Day29_Instagram Day30_Instagram

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