Measure Up

Lately, I’ve been noticing that life is extremely performance oriented – we have to set quantifiable goals at work, we check to see how we’re doing financially by setting a budget and watching our savings increase. Sometimes, we measure how we’re doing spiritually by the number of times we attend church and spend time doing “spiritual” things.

To maintain each of these areas at a level where we can measure its progress involves a lot of effort. This grows difficult as we try to make sure that we’re constantly moving in the right direction and not aimlessly drifting – or worse, standing still.

The truth is, in life, if we don’t put in the effort, we don’t see forward progress. So we accept the fact that sometimes we have to put the things we want on the back burner in order to do what is expected of us.

Though pushing ourselves may be necessary in some areas of our lives, it is a pity if we allow our own willpower to be the force that drives our attempts to grow spiritually.

Let me encourage you to never forget that the point of prayer, reading the Bible, going to church and every other “spiritual” thing we do is this:

to come into a deeper and more
meaningful relationship with God.

When we make ourselves spiritual checklists, we end up with perceived growth instead of a transforming faith. 

We end up with head knowledge about God
the incredible experience of knowing Him.

An awesome thing about God is that He doesn’t set a standard for us to follow and then leave us on our own to figure out how to do His will. It would be discouraging if it were up to us to go through each day manufacturing the desire to always walk in accordance to God’s will.

Christians are given the opportunity to represent Jesus Christ in this world, but we don’t have to TRY to do it in our own strength.

for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. | Philippians 2:13

We don’t have to worry about how we are going to drum up the enthusiasm and energy to seek after God. He will, through the Holy Spirit, create the will and the desire within us to follow after Him! It is God who works in us to enable us to want to do the good works He has called us to do and to cause our hearts to want what is good and acceptable to Him.

This truth takes the pressure off of us, and allows us to simply surrender our lives into God’s hands.

Isn’t it a tremendous joy to know that even the beginnings of a desire to follow God are placed there by Him to enable us to live out the purposes for which we were created?

I’m so thankful that we have a personal God who is more interested in revealing Himself to us than in us making huge spiritual strides quickly. Draw near to Him and He will draw us unto Himself.

He is daily working in us to
complete that which He has begun.

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