What Was It Blessed God

Musician: Joe Sam
Hymnist: Ann Taylor GilbertLyrics

Why, Lord? What led You to leave Your throne above and stoop down to the squalor of earth? What would lead You to fill our hearts – hearts that often times seek all else but You?

This beautiful hymn was written by Ann Taylor Gilbert in the 1800’s. Two-hundred years laters, we still ask the same questions! Yet, the deep wisdom of this hymn stays intact. He’s given His all for us and that requires, at the very, very least, our all.

The Father considers us.
The Son left His throne to die for us.
The Spirit now lives in us.
So what do we owe Him?

What could have possibly motivated all of this? It’s quite clearly unbounded Love! Love that has no limit. Love that shines enough for all. Love that is endless. It was love so divine that led the Lord to move towards us even though we were His enemies! It was love so tremendous that compelled the Father and the Son and the Spirit to engage us in tandem. All of Him worked [and works] together to restore us: motivated not by selfish ambition but by indescribable love!

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. | John 1:16

Because He moved towards us when our hearts were elsewhere, we’ve experienced grace upon grace by His love. We didn’t desire it because we didn’t know we needed it, but now that we’ve experienced it,

we fall deeper into the immensity of His love.

It would require countless lifetimes to comprehend the depth of His love for us: a lifetime to know why the Father would consider me, to realize why the Son would die for me, to comprehend why the Spirit would make my heart His home.

But I have faith that it is true.
I have experienced that it is true.
And I know it requires
nothing less than my  a  l  l  .

3 thoughts on “What Was It Blessed God

  1. My “all” is a hard topic for me. The longer I live. the more I find out how short of giving my all really is. My self analysis seems blind to my faults. I am just glad He still loves me

    1. Yes amen! He brought grace upon grace – grace abounds. The depth of His love constrains and compels me! Thank you for your wisdom 🙂

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