New Year, New Plan

Happy first Wednesday of 2018, y’all!

We hope the excitement of the new year is still fresh in your hearts and minds as we take this opportunity to share some more new changes with you! As our team structure has evolved over time, and as we’ve all gotten older and entered different phases of life, we’ve come to realize the importance of something we call

“ministry-life balance.”

In order to minister to others and serve on Come Awake, it’s important to make sure our team is in a healthy place – both spiritually and physically. Serving the Lord through Come Awake (or any ministry) is a good thing – a great thing! But it’s important to make sure the very ministries we serve in do not distract us from enjoying and knowing the Lord ourselves. Ministry can be a burden as much as it is a blessing and we want to make sure we are good stewards of that which the Lord has entrusted to us.

We say all this to introduce our new posting schedule to y’all. Previously, we were publishing posts 4-5 times a week with additional posts scattered here and there. For 2018, our team has prayerfully decided to switch to publishing new posts 3 times a week. However, if you follow us on social media (Facebook | Instagram), we’ll be re-sharing old posts for “Throwback Thursdays!” Though you’ll be seeing new content from us a little less often, know that we are not any less committed to the Lord, to this ministry, or to you – our readers.

Growth, intimacy, and joy in Christ.

That’s where our focus has always been and that’s where it will continue to be.

We ask that each of you would pray for our team and this ministry as we continue to write that which the Lord lays on our hearts!

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