O N E    T H O U S A N D .

That’s how many posts we’ve published on Come Awake Blog since we started nearly 5 years ago in February 2013. One thousand posts we’ve prayed over. One thousand posts we’ve written easily or struggled to write. One thousand posts we’ve hoped would touch at least one soul.

Through these one thousand posts, we’ve gained new team members and said good-bye to others. We’ve partnered with various talented writers, artists, and musicians and worked with several missionaries and their families. We’ve started new projects and expanded our vision and mission.

One thousand posts.
One thousand lessons.

One thousand instances in which we could praise the Lord for His
f a i t h f u l n e s s .

Friends, we ask that you would join us in celebrating all that the Lord has done through this ministry these last one thousand posts! Each of those one thousand posts reference God’s single message to us. His message is one of love, of repentance, of eternal life. Just as a thousand years are as one day to the Lord (2 Peter 3:8-9), we hope each of our one thousand posts have provided different perspectives on God’s one message to humanity. Reflect with us, rejoice with us, and pray with us over the next one thousand posts, should He so desire them of us!

Reflect, re-read, explore, share – today is about God’s faithfulness and seeing firsthand that His plans are so much greater than ours!

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