It Is Sufficient

Guest Author: Maureen Chung

Some background for this piece: 

I wrote this on a Sunday morning when, for the first time since I’ve started attending the New Testament assemblies, I missed the remembrance meeting “without a good excuse.” I wasn’t out of town or visiting another church. I was legit just so tired. But I felt like that wasn’t a very good reason to miss remembrance. That spurred on a lot of thoughts very fast and very hard that weren’t altogether from the Lord. When I got to chapel, I didn’t even walk in. I just sat in my car and prayed to the God of all grace for His grace because at the point of missing remembrance, I didn’t want to go to the rest of the chapel meetings. I was also supposed to also teach the 2’s and 3’s that day too, Lord, help me. What was the saying? Duty before self?

But doing it wouldn’t be worth it if my heart wasn’t in the right place. I needed Him.

I pulled out my notebook.
In prayer, I wrote,

“Remembrance isn’t restricted to location.
So let’s begin….”

As the heavens cover the earth
And the waters cover the sea
So also I am covered
By blood that was shed for me.


Like opened floodgates of mercy
Colour of passion, a crimson tide
The beginning of enlightened vision
Begins with His piercéd side.


It was His blood, it is His blood
That began my knowledge of grace
It’s from His blood, it’s by His blood


I finish this life
And see Him



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