Shield In The Storm

Have you ever experienced a situation where you were walking outside on a beautiful sunny day, but then out of nowhere it just starts raining down on you? Not just a small shower…I mean a torrential downpour with the water coming at you from a crazy forty-five degree angle—enough to get even your undies wet. Sorry if that may be too graphic, but that’s the reality!

This happened so many times on our family vacation to Disney World. Initially, we thought we could wait out the rain in the gift shop, but the rain just kept coming down, even after waiting half an hour! Finally, we did what any sane person would do: we swallowed our pride and bought the overpriced yellow plastic ponchos with Mickey’s face on them. So then we could still walk around, go to shows, and enjoy the rides in the overpriced amusement park.

If you think about it, this exact scenario can be very applicable to life in general.

How many times do we experience “storms” in our lives that come out of nowhere without warning?

Plus, a majority of the time we don’t have the luxury of just “waiting it out.” The world continues to spin, and there are still obligations that we have to meet—whether it’s as a student, a worker, or as the family provider. Despite the blows, we try our best to roll with the punches for the sake of survival.

Praise God that we don’t have to do it all on our own. This is where God intervenes and moves within our situations. I know what you are thinking…if God really wanted to intercede, then He could just stop the rain and teleport you to a dry place, or turn the storm into something else, like candy. But He doesn’t always work the way we would expect.

Yes, the Lord is absolutely capable of doing extraordinary things in ANY situation, but looking at my own life, I have noticed that He sometimes works in such subtle ways that if you blink you will miss it!

Remember that plastic poncho that I mentioned earlier? As I wore the poncho, I could still feel the impact of rain hitting the plastic surface, but the water could not penetrate through. This seemingly small poncho was actually very successful in preventing my body from getting soaked! In a similar way, we do feel the impact of the trials and storms that are thrown at us in life.

However, God really does cushion that blow.

Regardless of what is thrown at us, it has to go through Him first!

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. | Isaiah 41:10

No matter the situation, He is right there with us supporting us and carrying us through to the other side. We are never alone even when it feels like we are.

He always faces the front lines
on our behalf.

Look at Christ! When He went to Calvary, He bore OUR punishments and faced God’s wrath that was meant for US! Even when He lived as a human, He endured temptations and hardships just like we do so that He could be a true mediator and High Priest who is understanding and empathetic of our situations.

No matter the situation, His grace will always be sufficient. Believe me. I have been there! You will be so heartbroken in the midst of the storms, but He will sustain you and give you healing, peace, and joy.

He is a comfort to the soul, and He will strengthen you through your circumstance in order to transform you more and more into the image of Christ.

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