5 Bible Books for Different Seasons of Life

Ever notice how the Bible seems to be just the right length? Short enough to be read in a couple years, but long enough to offer a lifetime’s worth of timely wisdom and insights.

“I am busily engaged in the study of the Bible. I believe it is God’s word because it finds me where I am.” | Abraham Lincoln

God’s Word is a treasure trove of truth for the exhausted employee, the skeptical teenager, the overwhelmed parent, and everyone else in-between.

Here are a few of my favorite Bible books to read during different seasons of life:


Down and Depressed?
Read The Psalms

The 150 psalms in the Bible cover a huge range of emotions, making them a great place to turn when we feel like we’re going through the wringer. The Psalms remind us that people throughout history have cried out to God in anguish, despair, frustration, heartbreak, confusion, and a thousand other emotions. It may feel like you’re totally alone in whatever you’re going through, but if you turn to the Psalms, you’ll realize that A) you are not the only one, and B) God will never abandon you.


Questioning life’s purpose?
Read Ecclesiastes

Solomon does not mince his words when tackling life’s big questions in this book. Ecclesiastes is raw, honest, and totally worth reading. If you’re grappling with the meaning of life, then it’s encouraging to know that Solomon journeyed down that difficult road too.

  • What’s the point of working when you can’t keep our money forever?
  • What should you do when possessions and pleasures don’t satisfy?
  • Why is our world so full of dumb luck and blind chance?

The real power of Ecclesiastes lies not so much in the answers Solomon gives, but more so in his honest descriptions of these big questions most of us find ourselves wondering at times.


Struggling with doubts?
Read John

John wrote this book so that you might believe (John 20:30-31). It is packed with meaningful events and powerful teaching—masterfully woven together to convince the believer and skeptic alike that Jesus was indeed the Christ. In a time when so many young people are having such a hard time making sense of their faith, John is more important now than ever.


Rethinking doctrinal ideas?
Read Romans

Paul’s inspired wisdom and brilliant mind is on full display in this masterful epistle. If you want to remind yourself of the beautiful basics of the gospel, look no further than Romans. If you want to plunge into the incredible depths of doctrinal mysteries, look no further than Romans. And if you want to remind yourself of the big picture of the grand salvation story, look no further than Romans.


Seeking practical direction?
Read James

What a great little 5-chapter book. Packed with hands-on advice and convicting exhortations, James reminds us that our faith should definitely affect the way we live our lives. When I was in high school, I memorized James, and—to this day—verses from the book will randomly pop into my head and encourage me to stay on the right track. Bottom line: if you’re tired of abstract theology and want a quick instruction manual on how to live the Christian life, James is for you.

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