Holy, Holy, Holy

Musician: Robert Richardson
Hymnist: Reginald Heber | Lyrics

As long as I can remember, I have been keenly familiar with the classic hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.” It’s truly a song of worship and adoration of God, who is worthy of all worship for all of His works. When I read the lyrics, I am reminded that there will be a day when we will see Him face to face and get to worship in person and witness the angels worshiping Him!

The church that I attend is an Indian church, and we sing this song on a regular basis—to the point that I am pretty sure we could all sing it by heart. What I did not know was the background of the hymnist who penned this song! The author was Reginald Heber, and he was a bishop from England who went to India for missions in the early 1800s and was given the position of Bishop of Calcutta.

From the little that I read about him, I learned that he traveled all across India from the Himalayas, Delhi, Bombay, Tamil Nadu, and even to Travancore, which is in modern day Kerala—the state of my ancestors! Everywhere he went, he preached the good news of Jesus, and many people accepted that news and converted to Christianity. Sure, he ran into issues and some people refused to turn away from their idols and false gods, but he persevered to his last breath.

He was only in India for three years serving the Lord before he died from illness, but he made such an incredible impact for the kingdom of God!

It was not until after his death that his writings were published, and his most well-known song, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” continues to be sung and played almost 200 years later by the very descendants of the first believers that he led to Christ and even those all around the world!

It is truly mind-boggling when you think about it, and you cannot help but praise God just as the lyrics state: “All Thy works shall praise Thy name in earth and sky and sea.” You never know how God will work through His servants, but this I know:

it is always beyond our greatest expectations or imaginations.

God can and will do marvelous things. Let us always remember that and worship Him who is worthy of ALL our worship!

One thought on “Holy, Holy, Holy

  1. The first time I heard ‘Holy Holy Holy’ was by Mahalia Jackson. Awesome. Later I learned that the Hebrew language did not have big, bigger, and biggest so big big was bigger and big big big was biggest. You will find ‘holy holy holy’ two places in the bible. One of them is in the last book of the bible which suggests to me it was first written in Hebrew and later translated into Greek.

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