He Who Calls You | Part 2

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He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it. | 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Last month, we discussed God’s faithfulness to us. We reflected on how thoroughly He displays His perfect characteristics towards us, how true He is to His promises, and how steady He is in His allegiance and affection towards us. He does all this in

a b s o l u t e  perfection.

As believers, we have the unique opportunity and challenge to take this perfect faithfulness that has been demonstrated towards us and reflect it to others. This isn’t limited to just marriage and romantic relationships. We can do this whether we are married, single, widowed, old or young, in any and all phases and stages of life.

This is the purpose, privilege, and joy of being called

H  I  S  .

So regardless of where we are in life, here are a few reminders for each of us:

We must AIM to be thorough in our duties as a godly spouse, parent, friend, relative, employee, employer, student, etc. We must show others patience when they make the same mistakes over and over again. We must demonstrate gentleness when correcting others and sharing about how we have been hurt or disappointed. We must be joyful when life settles down for a moment or a pocket of free time suddenly opens up. We must seek to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit consistently in our daily lives, regardless of how mundane or utterly chaotic it might be.

We must AIM to be true to our word, our promises, our vows. If fail to do this, people will remember. Being people who live out our words sets us apart. Obviously, there are going to be times when we cannot do this. In those moments, the best thing to do is to communicate openly and honestly about why we cannot follow through.

Sometimes, life just gets the best of us,
and that’s okay.

We just have to make sure we communicate and own up to things when we inevitably fail. We must seek to remind each other of God’s faithfulness in the past and present and encourage one another to trust in His faithfulness moving forward.

We must AIM to be steady in our allegiance and affection to others—despite the struggles, despite the busyness of life, despite being exhausted, despite feeling entitled, despite being justified, despite it ALL. We must seek to make ourselves 100% reliable, available, and present 100% of the time.

Again, this is not something we will ever do perfectly or achieve fully, but this is our example in Christ and as such, we must strive after it. We must AIM for God’s standards, we must AIM to reflect that which was shown to us. In doing so, we will honor the Lord in our efforts, we will grow in Him, we will develop deeper relationships with others striving towards the same goal, we will be a testimony to others, and we will be used for His glory.

He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it. | 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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